Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who can provide moral leadership for this country?

It most certainly isn’t Steve Harper. That much has been proven time and time again

As for Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe, they are willing accomplices in the biggest fraud this country has ever witnessed:. Flaherty’s tax leakage scam that saw the expropriation of $35 billion in Canadians’ life savings by Foreign big oil, Foreign private equity, Big Lifecos and those sovereign wealth funds known as OMERs, Caisse and the Public Sector Pension Plan, to name but three.

It’s time to repent, Jack and Gilles. What’s the political downside? You were lied to by the Bank of Canada Governor and closet Goldman Sachs operative Mark Carney.

Show the balls that Elizabeth May has and that you two eunuchs claim Stephane Dion doesn’t have. He got a new pair of glasses. Because unlike the two of you, he already has what you lack: Balls.......and brains.

As for the media, don’t get me started. Again it’s the women like Diane Francis who have the requisite balls and brains, that the rest of the media so clearly lack, with only limited exceptions.



election now said...

Time to put the NDP out of their misery!

Dr Mike said...

If the Dippers are so sure that Flaherty is correct , then does that mean that they have seen all of the background data involved in the decision??

Have they seen the contents of the Blacked-out pages??

If so , why are they shared with members of this party & not the members of the official opposition.

Methinks these guys voted with their heads up their butts without the proper research.

An uninformed decision of this magnitude is criminal.

Then again , maybe Tom Flanagan & Doug Finley were dispatched to visit Jack with a fresh Manulife policy in hand.