Sunday, March 2, 2008

Being no stranger to hijacking democracy, Mark Carney could easily devise a synthetic life insurance policy

There are two points being made here. Hard to know which to deal with first.
(1) Mark Carney is intellectually corrupt. (2) An insurance policy is merely a contract by another name.

The Conservatives are trying to throw Canadians off their trail of corruption by making the argument, or having those who are sympathetic to corruption, argue that an insurance policy is virtually impossible to get for a man near to death.

Not so. An insurance policy is merely a contract that has one party making a payment to another party that is contingent on a certain event. If I was so inclined, I could insure your pet fly if I wanted to and for whatever sum I desired and against any and all calamities.

Just ask Mark Carney, Canada’s new Bank of Canada Governor. He can tell you straight up about how such an insurance policy could have been structured by the Conservatives to corrupt the democracy of Canada by “buying” Chuck Cadman’s vote, as alleged.

In fact, Stephen Harper’s own self incriminating statements makes this more than mere allegation. More like known fact. That certainly simplifies things.

As for corrupting Canada’s democracy, Mark Carney is an old hand. We wrote about that very subject back in December. Well worth a read.

He of the School of Fabricated Tax Leakage. Fraudulent at that.

Looks like the law is closing in on Mark Carney, now that the Liberals have called upon the Auditor General to investigate alleged tax leakage. The Green Party have called for a public inquiry. If the NDP and Bloc had any political smarts they would do so too. Unless, like Harper, they’re in bed with Manulife and Power Corp. There is no downside to doing so. Much downside in not doing so, however.

After all, who can blame a Member of Parliament for being lied to by the Governor of the Bank of Canada, despite Mark’s best attempts to be completely evasive?

There’s nothing synthetic about that. Just plain criminal, with a capital C..... for Mark Capone...err, sorry Carney.



Polyian said...

Well said Brent. The Sopranos give insurance policy option (an offer you can't refuse) all the time and I don't believe they leave a paper trail or involve a legitimate insurance company (oxymoron).

The term taking out insurance is used playing black jack. Many legal and illegal activities use the term 'insurance policy'.

The Cons are looking for any way to inject doubt, distraction and uncertainty...they are masters of deception.

The Tape is clear evidence that Harper knew about a financial offer and did nothing to stop it. As leader of the party it was up to Harper to show 'Leadership' by stopping the clowns and injecting some ethics and morals.

Of course, since Harper has no ethics or morals then it would be difficult to provide these Leadership qualities.

Dr Mike said...

Mark Carney`s actions at the Finance Committee meetings prior to his taking over the reigns of power , say a lot about the man & his policies.

He obviously believes that he is above the law--his smug replies to Garth Turner & Thomas Mulcair served no one but himself--he was non-committal & specified nothing ; he was evasive & showed no respect for those asking the questions.

Now he is in the position of ultimate power over Canada`s financial relationship with the rest of the world.

Let`s hope he does not treat this job with the same flippant attitude.


Anonymous said...

Flippant? Smug? Above the law?

Mark Carney?

What makes you think the guy will change, now that he's achieved his goal of Governor of the Bank of Canada.

All the better to screw us "low-lifes"...just like he advised the oligarchs in Russia to do when he worked at Goldman Sachs's Russian Privatization Rip Off Office

Polyian said...

A Carney is a shrill at the circus. The Harper circus however, is hardly amusing.

From Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry:
or car·ney Listen to the pronunciation of carney or car·nie \ˈkär-nē\
Inflected Form(s):
plural carnies or carneys
often attributive
circa 1933

1 : carnival 3a 2 : a person who works with a carnival

We seem to have many carnies working with Herr Harper, but only one who admits to the name.

Anonymous said...

The circus is all about smoke and mirrors, deception and illusion.

Mark the (circus) Carney is an expert at his trade.

Dr Mike said...

Unfortunately , Carney et al believe that if they can achieve a North American economic unit , then it is only a short drive to a global perspective.

His movements on the trust file & various other tax changes that have occurred while he was in finance have been designed to allow North America to be "one" economically.

These kinds of policies can only lead to our eventual loss of our sovereignty & our very identity as Canadians.


Anonymous said...

Bunch of ididots posting on this blog. It must hurt to hate so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hate what?

Being lied to?

Blacked out documents?

Incompetent press?

What's your point?

Corruption in government?

Please advise.

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

anonymous said...
Bunch of ididots posting on this blog. It must hurt to hate so much!!!

Would be nice if you could spell "idiots" correctly before you make another post.

You are leaving us with a very bad impression.

Well , I guess we should have expected it.


Mary the golfer said...

"Ididots"--an idiot who cannot connect the dots.

Yep , that`s Mark Carney alright!!

Mary P.

Anonymous said...

Mar. 2nd 2008: Carney works on behalf of Goldman Sachs....he created a few billionaires in Russia and the rest carried on in the tradition of Joe Stalin. He and Carney would have been great pals. He was the man who convinced the brain Flaherty to cancel income trusts so that Goldman Sachs could find foreigners to buy them up and receive large commissions. However, the subprime fiasco which distributed toilet paper and called it ABCP, put a damper on all the money Carney would generate for Goldman Sachs.....

Anonymous said...

An insurance policy is essentially a tax free flow through of wealth based on a calculation of risk. It is quite possible I am sure to negotiate an insurance policy regardless of the risk, just as long as the premium is high enough. What better way to bribe someone then to promise tax free money to a dying man's family?