Sunday, March 2, 2008

I too, was bribed by Stephen Harper with a form of insurance policy

Sound familiar?

What a fool I was to derive assurance from this Steve Harper guy.

You can steal my vote, but don't attempt to steal my money.... on a completely false premise, no less.

Tax leakage? What a crock. You haven't fooled the Green Party or the Liberal Party.

Your promises aren't worth the paper they aren't written on.

Please give my best to Doug Finlay and Tom Flanagan.

I understand Conrad Black is looking for a cell mate.

Yours truly,

Brent Fullard
President & CEO
Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors


Mary the golfer said...

I hear Conrad needs a cell mate by tomorrow.

No shoving boy`s , there`s plenty of room for everyone.

They will make sure that Steve gets a room of his own ; he does not play nice at the best of times.

Mary P

Anonymous said...

This piece should be forwarded to all of your friends and family who have been negatively impacted by the income trust taxation policy introduced by the Tories.


Robert Gibbs said...

Johnnie Cochran, what do you have to say about this case?

"The tape's legit, you cannot acquit."

Truth in trusts said...

Stevie you lied to me and got my vote. For the nth time in 37 years. You try and steal money from me with your tax leakage lies and you will never see my, or my family's vote again.
Somehow I hope you and your henchman, and oh yes the pirate Flaherty, spend time in the crowbar hotel.

Polyian said...

I too was bribed for my vote, but never paid.

I really believed Stephen Harper when he made promises to protect seniors savings in Income Trusts and when he promised open and accountable government (18 blacked out pages is hardly open).

Obviously, these were Lies made only to secure the votes of seniors with no intention of fulfilling.

In my view Harper established a contract when he made these promises and he has broken that contract. He should be held accountable for that breach of faith.