Thursday, February 28, 2008

The attempted bribery of Chuck Cadman is an allegation......... Whereas the Stockwell Day/Jim Hart bribery is a known fact.


Known fact.

Then, there’s what we really need to know.



Robert Gibbs said...

This CON Party filth needs a power washing.

If only Canadians would wake up from their coma.


Dr Mike said...

The list of scandals is a mile long---why is there only about one inch worth of discussion.

It seems that a problem is uncovered one minute & ends up buried the next--there appear to be several reasons.

There is an ineffectual media in this country.

The opposition parties have become less than stellar at moving these issues along.

The citizens of this country have become jaded into thinking that what happens in government has no bearing on their lives unless they are attacked personally.

The gov`t itself is very slick & effective at controlling the situation before it jumps out of control.

This has become the perfect storm.

It is time to make any gov`t accountable for it`s actions.

Until voter apathy is no longer an issue , all we can expect is quality in gov`t which is severely lacking.

People , unless you take a stand & speak out , nothing will change & we will continue to see deadbeat gov`ts like that of Mr Harper , continue their reign of terror over this land.

I wonder what Elizabeth May would look like as Prime Minister!!!!!