Friday, February 8, 2008

Harper’s lies are costing Canadian taxpayers $1.4 billion a year. It gets worse. Here's your complete program guide:

Loss sustained by taxpayers: $1.4 billion and counting

Loss sustained by Canada Pension Plan: $300 million of your money

Loss sustained by those who trusted Harper in last election:
$35 billion

A 10% solution means we still have a 90% problem: Main stream misleadia , or is it simply brain dead misleadia?

Inside Boy Wonder: Mark Carney

Public face: Jim Flaherty

Public Menace: Stephen Harper

Proof of Tax Leakage: Missing in action

Missing in action: Auditor General

Prime Minister’s Prime Motivators: Gwyn Morgan, Paul Desmarais Jr, Dominic D’Alessandro and the CCCE

Worst Performance before the Standing Committee of Finance by an Ex-Goldman Sachs Investment Banker: Mark Carney

Essential Enablers

Recent Enablers: Bloc Quebecois

In full pursuit of the truth: Green Party

Seniors’ advocacy for sale or rent:

Turning a complete blind eye:
Canadian Banks

Turning the screws: TD Bank

Hypocrite du jour: John Manley

What’s most at stake:
Our democracy and trust in our elected representatives

What can you do as a Canadian: Vote wisely , Tell your friends, family and co-workers

Send them a video: a You tube video , before we all go down the tubes. Since it will be Our tubes and not theirs. Of that you can be certain. Bank on it.


Dr Mike said...

Quote of the day : "it`s not my fault"

Worst Performance in a Supporting role : the Senate.

Worst performance in a non-supporting role : the Liberal Party of Canada.

Getting Nowhere : Question Period.

Totally Pissed-off : Trust Investors.

Most Hopeful Persons in Canada : Trust Investors.


Mary from Rodney said...

Who have you not heard from in a long time : Your Conservative MP.

Who do you wish you would never have laid eyes upon : Jim Flaherty.

The Progressive Conservative Part of Canada : Non-existent.

Peter McKay : "it`s not my Fault".

Elizabeth May : Goodbye Peter McKay.

Mary P.

Robert Gibbs said...

Deceivin' Stephen And His Medieval Monkeys

Noun (expression) (not a musical group):

The baron and members of a corrupt and depraved Canadian federal political party who take orders from a reprehensible and degenerate US republican political party, who reject reason and science, and who believe that:

1) the world is only 6,000 years old,
2) man and dinosaurs roamed the planet together,
3) the Earth is flat,
4) the Sun and all other celestial objects revolve around the Earth, and
5) the Earth - or is that Deceivin' Stephen - is at the centre of the universe.