Monday, February 4, 2008

A political primer on how to ignite the tinderbox of discontent over the income trust tax:

$35 billion is an incomprehensibly large amount of money. It also happens to be the amount of money that 2.5 million Canadians permanently lost when they trusted Stephen Harper and after hebetrayed his promise to never raid seniors’ nest eggs.

Sometimes it’s better to deal with issues on a more manageable scale and by letting people know how it is that every Canadian is adversely affected.

So here is an extremely insightful account of how incendiary this issue can be if politicians take it down to the loss sustained by the Canada Pension Plan. Let the prairie fire of discontent ignite, and the bonfire of Harper's vanity begin, this from an e-mail to CAITI:

"Les Parsneau’s analysis that reveals that Harper’s income trust tax has cost the Canada Pension Plan, and therefore every Canadian, the loss of $300 million in CPP retirement savings , accomplishes what millions of words have not accomplished nor demonstrated in the months since 31 October 2006.

I have forwarded it to dozens of personal contacts, family, friends and past business associates.

Some have responded to say they now understand my (and CAITI's) dogged determination and motivation to seek accountability in the next Federal Election.

It is why we fight.

One of my contacts in Winnipeg challenged my accusations about Harper and the Trust Tax last year when she mailed me an article from the Winnipeg Free Press. I have reproduced it in its entirety in the attachment and added some of my comments at the end. After seeing Les's e-mail Table, she has volunteered to take my comments and the Trust Table personally to the Winnipeg Free Press Reporter Turchansky, the Editor and her Conservative MP whose office is directly across the street from her Winnipeg condo.

She is in a fighting mood after comparing the Trust Table with Turchansky's article - which she believed to be true and accurate at the time. She feels betrayed and is damn mad and

............ she is almost 90 years old!

Although life-long Conservative supporters, her and her husband have pledged to vote Liberal or Green.... but definitely not CON...... in the next Election. Victory two at a time and I'm keeping score.

Not that you all haven't seen similar articles and rhetoric before over and over again, but this October 31, 2007 Winnipeg Free Press article by Ray Turchansky is really why we must continue an unrelenting fight to remove the Harper Government before Canada is completely populated by this type of dangerous journalism. Before long none of us will ever know what the truth is...about anything!

Calgary SW (Harper's Riding)

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Dr Mike said...

To my old buddy Stephen Harper : "burn baby burn"--may the prairie grass fires blow eastward to the Atlantic ocean & sweep away your Conservative government into the sea where they belong .

Using information like that supplied to us concerning the CPP losses should whip up the flames of discontent across this land.

Time for all Canadians to open their eyes & see that this issue does affect us all & not just a bunch of us greedy old farts.

Also ,time for the Liberal party of Canada to get off it`s collective butt & use this information.