Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry Steve, Cadman's absolution is absolving Paul Martin, not you

Steve Harper is asking Canadians to rely on Chuck Cadman’s comment that he received no quid pro quo for his vote.

Think about it for a moment.

Cadman voted with the Liberals. Who do you think the reporter was referring to when he asked Cadman whether he received a quid pro quo. The Conservatives or the Liberals?

To the extent there is any doubt in your mind, then there’s Steve’s own admission and self incrimination: “The offer to Chuck was blah blah blah.....”



Dr Mike said...

There seems to be an abundance of smoking guns here--tapes & more tapes , even death bed statements from Mr Cadman himself.

The wiggle room here is minimal--Mr Harper appears to have been caught in his own lie & must suffer the consequences for his actions if proven guilty.

So much for his "clean" government.


Anonymous said...

Well Dr Mike, there are some basic questions here.

Why would Dona Cadman sit on this for over two years?

What is her percentage from book sales?

And really there are no "death bed statements" by the letter of the law, merely he said, she said.

Anonymous said...


Percentage from book sales?

Your argument is desperate and shallow......just like Harper the Corrupt One

As for he said she said......your right, I'll rely on Harper's own self incriminating comment: "The offer to Chuck , blah, blah, blah...

Dr Mike said...


Can you remind me , Dona Cadman is running for which party????

Deflecting blame is nothing more than a sad attempt to hide the truth.

Mr Harper admitted that he knew of this deal & what was involved--& you know him , he would not have it any other way.

This guy is an absolute control freak--nothing is done inside this party without his say.

So basically I do not care if Ms Cadman sat on this for 10 years or if she was paid 10 million dollars--the truth is in the tapes--MR Harper said so himself.

So it is up to you to produce evidence to the contrary.

I voted Conservative my whole life--never swayed for 36 years until now.

Mr Harper & his crew have forced me to take stock of my views & I have found that I cannot support a man who speaks untruths & who does not keep his word.

FYI Taber`s online definition of a deathbed statement : A declaration made at the time immediately preceding death. Such a statement, if made with the consciousness and belief that death is impending and in the presence of a witness, is legally considered as binding as a statement made under oath.

Have a great evening & do come back anytime.

Dr Mike.

Jim said...

The question remains, what is her percentage? It is not desperate nor shallow, it is a valid question.

As for Mrs Cadman herself, I didn't like her when she endorsed Petty Priddy in the last election nor did I wish her to be my candidate...yes, Surrey North os my riding.

Mrs Cadman, in my opinion, has no political experience and no up to the job at hand.

Perhaps she is aware of this and sees more income from this book than being pummelled on the she would me, just meet the woman.

I call bullshit on the whole affair and believe that the Cadmans are profiteering on the legacy of a dead man.

This is just my opinion, sue me if you will, Dona.