Thursday, February 28, 2008

Was it a life insurance policy bribe?

So today we learn that the Conservative Party tried to bribe Independent MP Chuck Cadman back in 2005 to vote along with the Conservatives in order to topple the Martin Liberal government.

And what form did the bribe allegedly take? A $1 million life insurance policy.

Now where would the Conservatives get a life insurance policy from, for a guy who was hardly in the best state of health?

Well my guess is that this life insurance policy came from any number of sources, since a life insurance policy is merely a contract with a conditional payout that anyone can write for any risk they are willing to take on, including someone with a terminal illness.

As such, Stephen Harper is not a leader, unless you consider a leader to be someone who is deceitful, as Harper proved himself to be on his income trust betarayal and his false and unproven reasons for reversing his solemn election promise.

Unlike Flaherty with his speechwriter friend's untendered government contract, do you suppose the Conservative’s shopped around for the best life insurance policy they could find for Chuck Cadman. If so, no doubt they turned to Brian Pallister, broker extraordinaire.



Anonymous said...

Not old enough to have seen this before said...

The three marks of a stealthful, competent, political leader are willingness to lie, to cheat, and to steal.

We've seen a big lie. A bribe is to cheat. Will the third mark fall, or has it already happenned and the performance was stealthful?

Robert Gibbs said...

Deceivin’ Stephen says:

“I am not a crook.”

Yeah, right Stevie.

Your government is as clean as three-week old underwear.

Robert Gibbs said...

Considering stories like this one, with dictator Heir Harper’s penchant for firing public servants and his recent “sneaking in” of new CON party hacks as CBC directors, one can see that the CBC will likely be muzzled soon too.

Robert Gibbs said...

I’m sure most people must be aware of the “cockroach theory” or the “tip of the iceberg” axiom.

What you see is only a small portion of the whole.

The CON corruption stories that have been made public, including this one, are but a few cockroaches and are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is likely that most will never see the light of day and be revealed to the public at large.

The filth in Harper’s government runs deep.

Unfortunately, only sterilization through election will cleanse this CRAP.

Robert Gibbs said...

Sick, abhorrent, twisted, convoluted and partisan responses are so typical of truth and science denying CON hacks.

In brief, the CON motto is:


Robert Gibbs said...

Sadly, it may take more revelations of CON filth and treachery, along with more time, before Canadians finally and truly clue-in to this CON Carnival Of Crookedness.

Blimy, it took years before the Yanks clued in to George W’s wickedness.

Robert Gibbs said...

Tories plan to withhold funding for 'offensive' productions

Committee to decide whether material meets new criteria


From Thursday's Globe and Mail

February 28, 2008 at 2:07 AM EST

The Conservative government has drafted guidelines that would allow it to pull financial aid for any film or television show that it deems offensive or not in the public's best interest – even if government agencies have invested in them.

The proposed changes to the Income Tax Act would allow the Heritage Minister to deny tax credits to projects deemed offensive, effectively killing the productions. Representatives from Heritage and the Department of Justice will determine which shows or films pass the test.


CON government hacks deciding what is “offensive” or “inappropriate”.

Not to mention scientists being “muzzled” too.

The fascist censorship gets deeper and deeper.

Thought control police are next!

By the Gods Of Cobal, wake up Canada!

Robert Gibbs said...

Any of the CON denial of a $1 million insurance policy is moot.

When you’re a crook in high places of power and influence, anything can be done surreptitiously.

Dr Mike said...

OMG---Harper is a shyster--I am in shock.

This is another example of a gift being tossed in the Liberal direction.

I wonder if there is any hope of them turning this into an issue or will they just become bored as usual & make another wrong 180 degree turn--a small road block is usually all it takes.

Come on guys --act like an opposition party should---show us that you are the alternative that a country can grasp as their own.

So say we all!!!!!!!!


Life Insurance Canada said...

Okay, this is another "big causa" not to be solved ever. Getting insurance for ill people is difficult (but of course not impossible - check medical tips on our long term care insurance Canada). But of course, million bucks shortly before death (or? what's his health condition?) - that smells, but nobody knows how badly...

Anonymous said...

…Note the founder of the NCC, with which Harper is closely associated.

It may mean nothing at all, but it is an interesting coincidence.