Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jim Prentice: We believe you. Just like we believe Harper's fabricated claims of tax leakage

Just like Harper's fabricated (and fraudulent) claims of tax leakage.



Dr Mike said...

My God , this woman is a gem!!!!!!

Good thing she wasn`t interviewing Jimmy , he would have thrown a hissy fit , blew a vessel , & then stormed out.

We need to hire her to ask the important questions on income trusts & make Jimmy answer.

I would give a years worth of cat food to see that one--sorry Katie (the cat)!!


Anonymous said...

Please give me the contact details for the Woman journalist who was interviewing the absolute sleaze bag Prentice. I really want to congratulate her on a magnificent job of cutting through Prentice's dishonesty (Dishonesty hardly describes how utterly morally bankrupt Prentice is, - no?).
Finally, an interviewer with courage and integrity, and the marvellous ability not to be mislead by Prentice.
Are those bullshit deflectors I can see underneath her beautiful curls?
Keep up the good work young lady! All decent Canadians are proud of you.
Paul Muser, Senior Citizen Oakville!

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview.
I wish more interviewers would challenge these people on issues where they try to revise history.

Rober Gibbs said...

Susan Bonner (of the CBC) is her name.

Robert Gibbs said...

I wonder how much of taxpayers' money was spent preparing and publishing this piece of clearly CON propaganda.