Sunday, February 24, 2008

The NDP is a blind faith organization

NDP MP Denise Savoie in a letter to a concerned constituent:

“I have asked Judy Wasylycia-Leis to investigate a number of concerns. I am confident in supporting her position on this matter: “I am confident that government estimates of future tax leakage are solid”"

I have a better idea for Denise Savoie. And that’s to follow the leadership of Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who is more interested in facts, than blind faith.

Since the alleged future tax leakage that you are taking for granted is being questioned far and wide.

What use are the NDP, if not as the Newly Duped Party?

After all, you can’t buy groceries in retirement with lowered ATM fees.

The NDP is simply a blind faith organization, happy to serve up kool aid instead of fact based government.

As such, the NDP is a mere charade of democracy.


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Dr Mike said...

This is why the NDP are dropping in the most recent polls & Elizabeth May`s Green party is poised to eventually take over their position in the parliamentary ratings free-for-all called public opinion.

The NDP will be soon be known as the Newly Disappeared Party--just not soon enough.

They lost all credibility in many people`s eyes when they did not do their homework on income trusts & thus failed to protect the people they claimed to protect.

This failure will not be forgotten.

I am sure Mr Flaherty , Mr Harper & especially Mark Carney were the first in line with the thumbs-up. Unfortunately , in the realm of public opinion , which is the only one that actually counts , it is a big 2 thumb`s down for Happy Jack & his motley crew.

I wish you well in your next job--I hear there will be openings on the Toronto city council soon---with that inept bunch , you will be right at home--almost like you never left.