Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flaherty appoints two new directors to the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Today’s CP news article reads:

“The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board operates at arm´s length from governments”?


“Jim Flaherty named two new directors to the Canada Pension Plan investment board”?

A more realistic account is however:

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board: Dabbling in cover-ups at the behest of Harper/Flaherty:



Dr Mike said...

Out with the old , in with the new!!!!

It often takes new ideas to make something work---even with cover-ups.

Just ask Jim Flaherty.

He will soon be on the scrap heap in the middle of Harper`s cutting room floor.

Can anyone say Jim Prentice , who appears to be the new face , er mouthpiece , of the not so "new" conservative government.

Even if you change the faces , the tainted message is still the same---there is rot in the middle of the CPPI board & bringing in two new Conservative faces will not erase the almost 300 million dollars in losses .

Cover-ups do not always work , just ask Richard Nixon.


Anonymous said...

Why would we need or want a Quebecer on the CPP board. CPP invests for Canadians; The Caisse runs the pension plan for Quebecers. Jack