Saturday, February 16, 2008

Probe role of RCMP in last vote, probe NDP's complicity

What role did Judy Wasylycia-Lies, Jack Layton and Stephen Harper play in this scam set up with the RCMP? Judy was at her most shrill. Jack at his most duplicitous and Stephen was just the Stephen we have come to know.

Jim Travers' reference to banana republic pretty much sums it up.

Probe role of RCMP in last vote
Feb 16, 2008 04:30 AM
James Travers
The Toronto Star

"What is known, or at least what informs conventional wisdom here, is that it was the election's tipping point. Before the RCMP repeatedly flashed its investigation to the NDP, Liberals held a lead and Paul Martin was on course for a second minority mandate. But that changed when now defrocked commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli dumped customary discretion by reporting to MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis that the RCMP was on the case. Surprise, surprise, she rushed to the microphone about as quickly as voters reached the conclusion that Liberals and their ethics were beyond the pale.

Whatever the truth, it's remarkable that Bill Elliott, labouring under the twin burdens of being the first civilian commissioner and old Tory ties, has yet to clear the air. Instead, it's heavy with the spoiled odours of banana republics.

Before the next election, Canadians have a right to know if the RCMP was more than a spectator in the last. Nothing less will do."



Dr Mike said...

For guys who profess to work for all the little people , Happy Jack Layton & his sidekick Judy W-L have sure been in cahoots with Uncle Steve on way too many occasions & here is just one more example.

I have never heard of the national police force ever getting itself in the middle of an election to such a point as to influence it`s very outcome.

The big question is , how in hell did Harper & Layton manage to pull this off.

Complicity , complicity , complicity!!!!

Harper & Layton knew something like this was the perfect tipping point--they also knew that the RCMP had an axe to grind--they also knew that various forces were at work within the RCMP that were compromised as far a scruples go.

It was the perfect storm.

Unfortunately , it rained on the wrong parade.

The morally corrupt Harper & Layton , aided by that nefarious Judy W-L & a duplicitous RCMP head , managed to pull off the unspeakable without much more than a peep from the media to expose the attempted cover-up.

This same media was certainly there when a mouth piece was needed to rat out the Liberal party for their so-called dealings under the table.

Unfortunately , they had conveniently left the building when it came time for the real truth.


Anonymous said...

Good point Dr Mike.

Then there's the little matter of then noon meeting that jack Layton had with Steve Harpster on the inauspicious October 31, 2006 Halloween day.

I think Layton was dressed up as a socialits in Manulife clothing