Wednesday, February 6, 2008

RCMP revamps disclosure policy in wake of controversy over income-trust probe

Disclosure? Income trusts? That’s an oxymoron.

Like Harper and accountability is an oxymoron.

Like Mark Carney and transparency is an oxymoron.

As for Flaherty, he’s just a garden variety moron. Just ask Judy Wasylycia-Lies. It’s her top area of expertise. Second only to her thesis that income trusts are ponzi schemes.

Or perhaps Judy herself is the Pawnzi scheme? Zaccardelli ’s Pawnzi scheme.

Judy Wasylycia-Lies didn’t even have the common decent courtesy to extend her apologies to Ralph Goodale, when it was learned that this leak of sensitive information (it is alleged), came from the Director General of Tax policy, who thought it okay to buy income trusts in advance of the government’s announcement to not change their tax flow through status, as is the case with law firms and accounting firms etc. That find upstanding civil servant was one Serge Nadeau.

We sure fooled Abu Dhabi when we off loaded that $5 billion Prime West Energy Trusts Ponzi Scheme to them. Didn’t we?

I wonder if Judy Wasylycia-Lies has the regional franchise on Manulife’s Income Plus in Manitoba? Or is that Brian Pallister Insurance and Financial Service's franchise area?

RCMP revamps disclosure policy in wake of controversy over income-trust probe
By Jim Bronskill
February 6, 2008


Robert Gibbs said...

Actually, perhaps the RCMP can institute an investigation during the next (upcoming) election into the treachery and treason of the current CONServative government, particularly with respect to their criminal income trust decision.

Dr Mike said...

It disturbed me to no end the cosy relationship that Happy Jack & Our buddy Steve had during the income trust debacle--they were almost joined at the hip.

Judy W-L became Steve`s stooge in all of this--she became the supposed whistle blower because of her high moral ethics & her wish to do the right thing.

Yeah right--if you believe that then you will believe I shot 24 under par last year & beat Mike Weir to win the Masters.

The RCMP bungled this whole thing by letting themselves be used as a pawn of this gov`t & it`s minion Judy to actually influence the outcome of an election.

The RCMP has begun to clean house so that this cannot happen again.

It will be up to the rest of us to take our own brooms & clean out the detritus we have come to know as the "new" Conservative party & the "old" NDP party & return some semblance of ethical behaviour back into government.