Friday, February 29, 2008

Cadman affair gives new meaning to the words:

“Harper said his government "can't ignore" the allegations because they relate to Mulroney's term in office and they must "always protect the office of the prime minister."


john said...

The Canadian press is confirming (what we in the reality based community already knew) that a one million dollar insurance policy in the circumstances would have been impossible.

To recap:

Cadman says no deal was made.

Harper says no deal was made.

The allegation was a deal which was impossible to carry out.

We know no deal was consummated because Cadman voted against the government.

And this context: A deal WAS made at the very same time with Belinda Stronach, (by the Liberals) in which she was awarded a cabinet position with more money and presitge, in exchange for switching sides.

An illogical, impossible allegation, that was never carried out,


a deal that was certainly carried out, with the effect that the government maintained its position of power amidst the worst corruption scandal in Canadian history.

Another brilliant move by Harper allowing this to come to the fore. Once again, he plays chess while Dion stumbles about playing checkers.

Anonymous said...


Both you and the Canadian Press are out to lunch, If I was so inclined, I could have written a $1 million life insurance policy for Chuck Cadman.

Take your desperate arguments elsewhere. Harper is a crook. We've known it ever since October 31, 2006

Anonymous said...


Did it ever ocur to you that Cadman wasn't susceptaible to a bribe?

Your argument that "We know no deal was consummated because Cadman voted against the government." is a very pathetic attempt at intellectually corrupt logic. Its also wrong you fool, because the "government" at the time was the Liberal government, and Chuck Cadman voted WITH the government.

You better inform CON central that they have all their CON trolls out there with incorrect arguments.

Cadman's comment of "no deal was made" was in reference to the Liberals, not Stevo the crook

Once a tory always a fool said...

The Con Trolls are on OT tonite, as can be seen from John's post.

Placing a $1 million insurance policy on a person with a very serious illness does not break any fundamental laws of nature. You'd have to pay, say, $1.1 million to place a policy worth $1 million.

If the need is to exempt a payment from CRA scrutiny, proceeds of an insurance policy meets the need.

Very unusual? Yes, honest people would never do it. What kind of people are we talking about here?

Anonymous said...

Oh no John, now we have the CKNW Tape that negates the CTV and Globe interview.

Cadman is quoted as saying there was a financial offer.

What do you do now?

Does Harper step aside while the RCMP investigate??

Dr Mike said...


Life insurance policies can be issued at any time to anyone.

Just ask Dominic D`Alessandro or Paul Desmarais Jr who are good buddies with Mr Harper.

It appears that a policy is but a phone call away.


Anonymous said...

This is my theory on what happen the 2 conservatives told chuck if he came back into the fold his insurance wouldn't be put at risk. I'm guessing that would be the best case scenario for Harper but it looks much worse then my theory. Politics in this country has become so corrupted it is sad really but I have to say this is the worst scandal I've ever seen if it is accurate.

Jim said...

"worst scandal I've ever seen" "Demarais good buddies with Harper"

Put down the bong you idiots!

Even if this did happen, I see no theft of pubic monies like the thieving Liberals during AdScam...and Dr Mike, nobody is a better friend of Powere Corp and the Demarais family that the Liberals...Cretien is related FFS! Try to keep your facts straight!

Jim said...

CAITI is obviously nothing more than a partisan front.

You have no intention of putting the taxing of the ITs first.

You are a bunch of foaming Libs...all bark and whining and no bite.

Dr Mike, you told me to come back for I will, get used to seeing me around.

If you had a mission and were working for the reversal of the IT decision, I would let it go...but instead you have an agenda.

Watch for more scrutiny, as weel as some complaints about your partisanship to your so called benefactors.

Dr. Johnson said...


Liberal sources are disclosing that there were additional elements to the Cadman bribe!

In addition to offering a patient in the final stages of terminal cancer a one million dollar insurance policy, Harper is reported to have offered Cadman a unicorn, and a magical forest in which to ride his new beast.

Although experts unanimously agree that unicorns, magical forests, and million dollar insurance policies for terminal cancer patients, don't actually exist, Liberal insiders are firm with their allegations.

Said one source close to Dion:

"Look, if Harper can manage to hold onto power for over two years, pass three budgets, a crime bill and maintain his Afghan position, with three left leaning parties holding more seats than the CPC, he can certainly produce unicorns, and insurance policies for dying patients."

Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail is sending its crack team to investigate the obviously legitimate concerns of Conservative unicorn production. Stay tuned.

Red Tory said...

"John" is running around all the Liberal blogs cutting and pasting that bit of rubbish. He's probably some sort of paid operative.

Anonymous said...


Red Tory does the ol' one two:

tries to drum up traffic to his site,

and acts as the Liblogs hall monitor.

Bravo, Mr. Tory.

Jim said...

I don't really blame him is pretty darn funny.

Ciao lefty.

Richard said...

WOW! Now we see the Conservative clowns crawling out from under their rock. Lie, Conceal and Fabricate. John says.....blah blah blah no deal was made..... But the deal was offered stupid. The crime is in offering the bribe. Chuck couldn't be bought. And Belinda, well what about Emerson.

The picture is finally coming together on just how bad Income Trusts were hurting the big time peddlers of high fee mutal fund Lifeco's like Power Financial and Manulife. Maybe they were even going to split the cost of that million dollar policy between them. But the sooner they could get either the Liberals or the Conservatives to torpedo IT's the faster they regain their lost customers who had long given up on their minimal or no return investments with London Life, Great West and Manulife. It would be interesting to see how high up the approval signature went on that pre-approved one million dollar policy they stuck under Chucks nose and said "sign here".

Dr Mike said...

Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm!!!!

Is that fear I smell in the air??

OMG , I believe it is.

It is really fine to see some More Tories at this site --I have been the only one for so long.

Myself & my family have been Tories for over 36 years & I have always appreciated what they at one time stood for.

When they promised not to tax income trusts & do what was right after the Liberals had mused about doing just that , I figured "this is why I love this party"--they will promise & they will deliver--they will protect the small investor at all cost ; after all , those "scumbag" Liberals were about to raid our nest eggs.

Well , my used-to-be Tory brothers , the sheep`s wool sure fell off that wolf didn`t it.

I was dismayed by the decision to tax trusts--I was even more dismayed by their utter contempt for the small investor by delivering 18 pages of blacked-out so called proof on the matter--I was further dismayed by the fact that they had the Privy Council demand their return.

Since then , it has all been downhill--the trust motion was but the tip of the iceberg--can we say the new censorship rules about to be implemented in bill C-10--can we say the absolute disregard for the sanctity of popular seat distribution & representation in Parliament re : Ontario.

The list goes on & on.

So if you think I have an agenda , you are absolutely right---my agenda is to remove these clowns from office ASAP before anymore damage is done.

To JIm----if you want to dispute any facts , well dispute this----Manulife & Power Corporation were the driving force behind the income trust move by the Tories---they played Harper & Flaherty for the fools that they are---they had the most to gain & that is a proven fact despite their squeals to the contrary---their product sales skyrocketed overnight after the announcement--Dominic & Paul personally benefitted.

Jim , anytime you want to tell me what was on the blacked-out pages & explain to me why the recall of these same pages occurred , I am here.

If you do not have this information , then you are of no use to any of us here.

I will be glad to debate anyone who wants , either here or in person.

I will gladly put my facts up against yours any day of the week.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

just as you confused Dion with being a leader,

you also appear to confuse "fear" with open mockery.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous:

Where is any reference made in this post to Dion?

Meanwhile, the "mockery" is of Steve's own making.

Doesn't he know when to shut his own trap?

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

Hey anonymous

If that is the best you can do , you should be embarrassed.

I thought at least you would have had the full text of the 18 blacked-out pages.

Guess not.

How sad for you.

I am happy to be me!!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich