Friday, February 29, 2008

Cadscam trumps adscam.

The corruption in the Harper government is legend. Starting with the fraud known as tax leakage and the Tax Fairness Plan which is better know as the alms for narrow interests plan.

Funny how an insurance policy plays the central role in the recent Cadscam incident. Which blows the doors off Adscam

The fact that Tom "Rasputin" Flanagan is alleged to have played a central role in this along with Doug Finlay is too delicious for words. He of the Leo Strauss school and its philosophy of the permissible "big lie". The fact that Flanagan denies being a follower of Strauss, proves that he is. Along with his own self professed conduct as Harper campaign manager in the 2006 election of lies, along with help from the RCMP and Judy Wasylycia-Lies of the Newly Duped Party.

Sorry, you're toast my friend. Now, more than ever.



Dr Mike said...

Tom & Doug , the Butch & Sundance wannabes of Canada.

Won`t happen fellers--you are just petty hucksters who aspire to be king makers--your choice of "monarch" material leaves a lot to be desired.

You remembered to pick-up the paperwork at the scene of the crime but someone forgot to tell your boss to keep his moth shut.

Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm--I love the smell of toast in the morning!!!!!


Jim said...

"Trumps adScam"

Not likely. I want our $40+ MILLION back!

What a partisan hack fest this CAITI is.

If thie Libs managed to get back in and they did not reverse the income trust decision, would you attack them with the same vigor?

I doubt it...lefty weasels.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim:

If wanting access to the truth brands us as "lefties", then sign me up.

I already bought one of Harper's blatant lies of the past, that went along the lines of "I won't raid seniors nest eggs by taxing income trusts."

As a result he stole my vote. As sickening as that is, I wont permit him to steal my money.

Which by the way was $35 BILLION in lost savings.

Please tell Harper that he is beneath contempt. He is also in violation of the criminal code of Canada for having knowledge of the attempted bribery by Conservative Party officials of a vote by a Member of Parliament.

Pond scum that he is.

Lie Conceal Fabricate

Deny Deny Deny

Dr Mike said...


I voted Conservative for 36 years--the income trust decision caused me to observe this party a mite closer & it scared the hell out of me.

There are so many instances of mismanagement besides the income trust decision that I have to carry a book around with me to remember them all.

The 40 million was inexcusable----the 35 billion by the same token is almost 1000 times worse.

So give me a break--there is no comparison.

Also , bribery is a federal offense & for that who ever is responsible should go to prison if convicted---If MR Harper was the cheese , it is on his head--no favorites.

To answer your question about the Liberals & income trusts , if they shaft us they can kiss any support I may give them goodbye because that would put them in the same class as the "new" Conservative Party of Canada--somewhere between tree moss & pond scum.

Jim--have a fine day & do come back for more.

Dr Mike.

Richard said...

The line being peddled by Lying Harper and the CONS is that Tom and Doug paid a call to a DYING MAN to help him out financially with his NEXT election campaign. Not to bribe him into voting against the Martin budget. And not one of this countries useless reporters has picked up on just how Mr. Terminally Ill was going to participate in his next election campaign.