Saturday, February 9, 2008

The latest offering from Fischer-Price: The Cover-me-up-Harpo doll

The Cover-me-up Stephen Harpo doll will allow your children to learn all about the world of politics and important life lessons on how they can profess to be transparent and accountable and yet be nothing of the kind in reality. The Cover-me-up-Harpo doll will allow your pre-school child to learn about all the friends in Harpo’s world that he has been successful in doing his bidding. Some of them include:

David Denison of the CPPIB, famous for saying “it’s not my focus”

Jimmy Flaherty of the CCCE, famous for saying “it’s not my fault"

Then there’s Peppermint Patty of the PMO also known as Ms. Speaking Sandra Buckler.

Or Gary Lunn, Robin to Harper’s Isodope man.

We can’t forget Carnival Mark Carney of the three ring circus known as CCCE/Goldman Sachs/DoF.

Or Brian Ernwein, the Senior Director of Competence from the Department of Financial Incompetents who famously/infamously testified: "I guess, if we were incompetent, we wouldn't admit to it."

Which begs the question, would you admit to fraud?

It's so easy to lose track of all these cover-ups, I almost forgot about The Chin.

Stay tuned as the Cover-me-up Harpo Doll has become a real hit with preschoolers everywhere. No more so, than with the Main Stream Misleadia, who have as deep an understanding about alleged tax leakage as Gary Lunn does about nuclear science.

The main stream misleadia have a thing or two to learn about investigative journalism from the The Green Party of Canada who aren't nearly so green behind the ears as "experienced" Canadian business journalists have proven themselves to be.

Since when is it left to the politicians like Elizabeth May to do the heavy lifting? Oh yeah, ever since Cover-Me-Up-Harpo became a best seller on store shelves and news stands everywhere.

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Dr Mike said...

Are batteries included or is this one just powered by hot air????

Probably made in China--lead included--a real nice touch.