Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mark Carney is the nexus of the Globe's two top ROB stories

Story #1:

“China shares blame for crisis, Carney says”

Story #2:

“List of Russia’s superrich surpasses 100 mark”
“List of Russia’s superrich surpasses 100 mark”


Mark Carney’s fraudulent tax leakage assertions
are intended to solely benefit Canada’s super wealthy. Folks like Paul Desmarais Jr., Dominic D’Allesandro and Gwyn Morgan,
and the members of Corporate Canada’s Controlling Elite (CCCE)

Mark got his training at ripping off the masses when he worked at Goldman Sachs’ working for many of Russia’ oligarchs of today, in the scam known as "privatization" (at pennies on the dollar).

Reality Check #1:


Reality Check #2:

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Dr Mike said...

QUESTION : Mr Carney , was the income trust legislation your baby??

CARNEY : Can`t say.

QUESTION : Was the loss of 35 billion dollars to canadian investors a surprise??

CARNEY : I think we may lower interest rates , but again maybe not.

Question : How does that answer the previous question??

CARNEY : I already answered when I replied to the first question--if you were listening , you would know I can`t say.

QUESTION : Can`t say about what??

CARNEY : (Looking disinterested while looking at his watch--the one with the big GS on the face) I find it unnecessary to talk about it .

QUESTION : About what.

CARNEY : Can`t say.

QUESTION : Mr Carney , it appears that you are not about to answer any of my questions --I give up.

CARNEY : My God , I am happy to be me!!!!