Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How do you spell unaccountable? J i m F l a h e r t y

Let’s be honest. Jim Flaherty is the human embodiment of unaccountable.

Today we learn from our perfect elfin Finance Minister that Dalton McGuinty, and not he, is responsible for the woes in Ontario’s manufacturing sector.

If so, why is Buzz Hargrove calling for Flaherty’s upcoming election defeat and not McGuinty’s?

Flaherty is claiming that Dalton didn’t have sufficient “vision”. This coming from a man who doesn't fix potholes or doesn’t realize how utterly misguided his first 1% cut to the GST was, so he instituted a second 1% cut to the GST.

Here’s Flaherty’s complete disowning of responsibility from today:

Flaherty lashes Ontario for 'lack of vision'
The Globe and Mail
February 20, 2008 at 10:35 AM EST

Then there was the equally shameful disowning of responsibility on the part of Flaherty concerning the $65 billion in takeovers that were induced by his foreign takeover friendly trust tax. This particular outcome had been predicted by many ever since the evening of Halloween 2006.

Flaherty listen? No

Flaherty acknowledge? No

Flaherty held accountable? You be the judge of this pathetic exercise in accountability:

Trust buyouts not my fault, Flaherty says
The Globe and Mail
April 3, 2007

Minister rejects criticisms new tax policy is forcing Canadian firms into foreign arms



Dr Mike said...

Does this guy look like he enjoys his work or what!!

He just loves to stir the pot--he didn`t get the nickname of "Let`s take it out to the parking lot" Jimmy for nothing--he would rather fight than be correct.

His answer to everything is take a hammer to it--pound the crap out of it until it can`t resist anymore.

His motto is "Who needs to be right as long as you are decisive" or "jail the homeless" or maybe "it`s not my fault"or still better yet "get those bleeping coupon clipping old farts before they ruin the country".

Got to love him.

Only in Canada.



Robert Gibbs said...

Someone should stick Flaherty's 18 pages of blacked-out documents and his own fiscal record down his throat.

Clearly, he's little more than a complete loud-mouth pompas ASSHOLE!

Mary the golfer said...

Robert----right on the money.

Mary P.

Robert Gibbs said...



It's good to know there are others with the same informed opinion.