Thursday, January 29, 2009

A budget fit for a King....Byng

On line poll:

The Liberals decided to support the Conservative budget with 'accountability' amendments. I think:

1. The 'accountability amendment' is not an adequate way to measure the effectiveness of the Conservative budget. The Liberals should not have supported this budget.

2. The 'accountability amendment' is an adequate way of measuring the effectiveness of the Conservative budget. The Liberals were correct to support this budget.

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Anonymous said...

etu ingnatiff, not a word about income trust goes to show nobody cares about seniors.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was going to apologize or take back most of what I said months ago on this blog for my lack of enthusiasm with regards to Ignatieff's appointment.

He pleasantly surprised me with the whole Khadr thing ... but after this budget thing obviously I was right with my initial impression. I sure I said he was follower and did best in supporting roles within the party.

At the time I can recall thinking - I hope I am wrong about Mr. Ignatieff as a leader.