Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reminder: Carolyn Bennett is looking for budget input

My response to my MP, Carolyn Bennett:

Required Liberal Action: The Budget MUST contain a reversal of the income trust tax. Michael Ignatieff is telling us that “Canadians deserve the truth”. I totally agree, but these are merely words without action, if the Liberal party does not ACT NOW to reverse this income trust tax that was based on ZERO PROOF of alleged tax leakage. We know that argument is false. Time for the Liberals to call Harper’s bluff. Canadians’ retirement savings have been stolen, and their retirement income is being destroyed. Meanwhile all taxpayers are paying the price, because the $108 billion of trust tax related takeovers, is causing the loss of REAL taxes, of $1.2 billion PER YEAR. Left unaddressed, this number will rise to $7.5 billion PER YEAR!

Brent Fullard
St. Paul's


CAITI said...

Hello from Sorel-Tracy, Qu├ębec, Canada.

Mr Ignatieff is right :

A ) Tax reductions for those needing it more .
B) help is needed for seniors.
C) Use the GST system to help the poorest of the poorest and send them some cash they will spend at light speed. ( Money velocity )

Please reverse the massacre. Retirees, me included, we need the cash flow income trusts were providing. Undo what the liar in charge did to us for the sake of a few friends not happy to face income trusts competition.
The most democratic investment is : INCOME TRUSTS.
We share the cash flow and we spend it. The business works for "we" the units holders.
Can we say the same thing about big corporations ?

Please Liberals, we need your help.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what else the Liberals need to know!  Every Conservative rationale is false or a lie, or obfuscated.


Dr Mike said...

Ms Bennett

I firmly believe that not reversing the income trust tax will be a huge injustice to all Canadians.

This was a tax that was put forward with no proven justification that resulted in decimation of private savings , halting the Canadian IPO market & loss of national & provincial tax revenues.

Make Mr Flaherty release the documents that quantify tax leakage & if they can stand on their merit , then the tax can stand --if not , repeal the tax & restore faith in the Canadian markets & restore Canadians hard earned savings.

Thank you.


Dr Michael Popovich
Rodney Ont