Sunday, January 4, 2009

Layton no longer trusts Harper, so why do the NDP blindly trust Harper’s tax leakage analysis?

Layton no longer trusts Harper, so why do the NDP blindly trust Harper’s tax leakage analysis?

Today we learn in the Edmonton Sun that “Jack Layton no longer trusts Harper”.

Welcome to the club. So why does Jack Layton and the NDP trust Harper’s tax leakage argument that destroyed the retirement plans of hundreds of thousands of Canadians? Where is the trust to be found in 18 pages of blacked out documents? Where did the NDP MP’s get off writing to their concerned constituents that: “Dear constituent: I have spoken with Judy Wasylycia-Leis, our party’s Finance Critic, she is confident that the government’s estimates of future tax leakage are accurate.”?

This income trust tax is a fraud. The NDP are the enablers of this fraud. The NDP needs to call upon Harper to prove his allegation that income trusts cause tax leakage.

Layton no longer trusts Harper

Edmonton Sun
January 4, 2009

OTTAWA -- When it comes to politics, NDP Leader Jack Layton says 2008 taught him one certainty: don't trust the prime minister.

In a wide-ranging year-end interview, Layton says all hope that Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government was willing to work with other parties to get things done has died.

"I don't have confidence in him to deliver what he says now, because what we have experienced with Mr. Harper is that he will say anything and then reverse himself," said Layton.

"He will say anything to retain power."


Dr Mike said...

Judy W-L assurances were an amazement in themselves for the sheer audacity of believing the man who supplies proof in the form of blacked-out pages.

My question to her would be , did she see the full compliment of pages in their natural condition & if she did how in heaven`s name did she allow for the classification of Registered accounts as being tax exempt.

If she saw the same pages that were supplied to us , then how could she make any claim let alone the one she made.

If she did not look into it & just believed Flaherty at face value , my question is why.

This whole thing boggles the mind.

Dr Mike Popovich

Sean McAllister said...

You forgot to mentuion EI and Adscam. Oh, sorry. That was the Liberals stealing millions from Canadians.