Friday, January 30, 2009

Eureka, I found the solution!

Newfoundland Liberal MP vows to vote against budget

Hmmm? That gives me an idea!

Maybe the answer to our dilemma of utter non-representation in Ottawa would be for the 2.5 million income trust investors to all move to one province and then get the premier of that province to champion our cause in Ottawa and get the MPs in Ottawa for that province to get off their butts and do something for their new found constituents. Failure to do so would result in prompt removal from office.

The Premier of our chosen province would also be faced with an enormous potential loss of tax revenue, if these new found citizens of his province were about to lose their retirement income, owing to Flaherty's pending rapacious tax on trusts.

With $6 billion in tax revenue associated with this collective of income trust holders, half of which would go to the province of our choice, we could start negotiating with Provincial Premiers, before making our final selection, as to which province to bestow upon, our vast tax revenue stream. We have the power to return Ontario to a “have” province again. But what did Dalton McGuinty ever do for us, or seniors for that matter?

While we’re at it, maybe we can get a break on property taxes, in the same way that foreign automakers are able to extract such concessions from salivating Premiers.

How about PEI? We could overwhelm that province with a new influx of trust investors. It would be sweet justice to get that Provincial Treasurer from PEI who gave testimony against trusts at the Finance Committee hearings to recant his nonsense BS.

Meanwhile, we could get newly minted PEI Senator Mike Duffy to actually perform a useful task, for the first time in his life? Harper will come to loathe the day that he appointed that clown to the Senate.

We'll make Duffy beg for his next meal, like the trained seal that he is. Harper too, now that he's learned to beg from Liberals.

One final thought: Do you suppose we should put a fence around PEI? After all, trust investors living there will own 20% of Alberta’s energy sector and 80% of its energy infrastructure. In PEI, we’ll also start taxing Life Insurance companies at an additional 31.5%, just for revenge. Only newspapers that report the truth will be allowed, which will preclude the distribution of most national papers.


Dr Mike said...

Hoo heeee, what an idea!!

I vote PEI--we could use some of our old fart distributions to get some of those most yummy scallops in wine & butter sauce.


For sure the Duffy would be on-board.

I wonder how high a fence we would need to hold all that money.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

Brent, great solution. We were in Nfld and PEI over the past 3 years and they would be a great place to set up camp.

Les P