Monday, January 12, 2009

No one's job is safe

Harper kept Flaherty in the role of Finance Minister following the October 2008 election in the belief that the troubled economy demanded "continuity" and therefore a change in Finance Ministers would be imprudent, although sorely needed. Flaherty's first act of office was the Fiscal Update, which was the mother of all FU's, as it almost brought an end to Harper's continuity in office.....and may yet.

Unlike Ontario, where Flaherty was quasi successful in burying his $6 billion deficit, he is about to do his incompetent self one better, by delivering a budget deficit of some $40 billion.


Dr Mike said...

Harper & Jimmy O should have both been fired over that economic statement alone--that was an affront to our parliamentary system that almost fatally shot themselves in the foot--it blew the whole works off , toes & all.

These guys deserve a public kick to the groin for such stupidity.

I am afraid to think how bad it may have been if we did not have an experienced Finance Minister & a "trained Economist" at the helm.

Dr Mike Popovich.

David said...

I still remember a bumper sticker I once saw:

"Put your politician to work - Don't re-elect them"

How true of the government!!

PeterC said...

It is unfortunate he was able to hide last years deficit in amongst some sales of radio bandwidth and federal real estate holdings.

I think they were surprised to get re-elected some times....