Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harper promotes tax credits....and unsafe work conditions

Here we have a photo of Harper issued under the title of "Prime Minister Stephen Harper uses a nail gun while touring a home undergoing renovations in Ottawa yesterday".

Presumably this photo was intended to promote Harper's 15% tax credit for up to $10,000 worth of home renovations. Too bad, the people who were undertaking these renos won't benefit from this tax credit, since it only applies to expenditure incurred after Jan. 28, 2009. Or perhaps Harper was charging the homeowner for this work?

A more appropriate photo op would have been for Harper to go shopping at Home Depot, since those purchases would be sure to qualify.

Furthermore, Harper is probably a better shopper than he is a carpenter. This photo demonstrates that Harper has never held a nail gun in his life. A nail gun is not designed to be held by both hands. A nail gun in held by one hand, while the other hand is used to hold the work piece in place. Furthermore, why is Harper promoting the use of a nail gum without using protective eye wear. The Canadians Standards Association and Canadian work rules governing constriuction job sites require that protective eye wear be worn at all time when using a nail gun


penlan said...

The nail gun wasn't loaded & Harper "two-hands" couldn't hold it with just one. He couldn't handle the weight of it, even though it was empty.

Schultzter said...

@penlan "The nail gun wasn't loaded" that sounds like Harper: going through the motions but not actually doing anything.

Dr Mike said...

I wonder what he charges an hour??

I am about to undertake a reno & I was wondering if I could hire him & pay him in income trust units.

The tax loss write-offs are incredible!!

Dr Mike.