Thursday, January 8, 2009

Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Orillia Packet and Times
January 8, 2009

Letter to the editor and open letter to the prime minister:

Dear Steven Harper,

I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the Senate. I have an MBA, own property in Ontario, support an elected Senate and am an honest person with no criminal record. I am certainly as well qualified as Nancy Green (I ski a Mount St. Louis), Pamela Wallin (I am not a Liberal appointee) and Mike Duffy (I'm in better shape than he is and will last out the eight-year term).

OK, If I can't get a seat in the senate, can I get a bailout from the losses I experienced in the stock market in general or at least, the losses due to the Conservative's change in tax policy on income trusts? You are bailing out the ABCP investors and GM workers, why not me? I am interested in your logic as to why ABCP investors, who didn't check out their investments properly, deserve to be bailed out more than I do.

I trusted the election promises of the Conservative party when I invested in income trusts so I am more deserving of a bailout. Thanks.

Ross Fidler


Dr Mike said...

Mr Harper,

If there are no more senate seats available , I would be glad to take over Jim Flaherty`s job---I am superiorly more qualified as I ran my own successful business for many years & have never required a gov`t bail-out of any description---I am also not a lawyer which means that I have half a chance of being honest -- I am also not a liar which is another step up.

My only drawback is that I will not follow orders blindly & I am a very good team player---I believe in the old mantra "there is no I in team" so there may be some conflict with your mindset.

As well , I also believe that a promise is a promise & you are only as good as your word.

Crap , I just realized being your finance minister is no job for me---forget I asked.

Dr Mike in Rodney.

Anonymous said...

Great letter!

$500 million of elusive tax leakage is looking pretty cheap right now compared to all of the excesses and bailouts the government is involved in and planning right now.


Anonymous said...

Yes Calvin. The operative word is "elusive". BTW Where is Harper's proof of alleged tax leakage? Did his dog eat his homework?

Brent Fullard