Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stimulus or fiscal madness? $85 billion only buys 189,000 jobs? Harper's

“Tucked away on page 242 of Jim Flaherty's Tuesday budget is a description of how Ottawa's $51.5-billion "stimulus" action plan will multiply through the economy and create 189,000 jobs by 2010. That works out to $273,000 per job.” Terence Corcoran

Taking the entire budget deficit of $85 billion, this translates into $449,000 per job, assuming this job target number is ever reached?


Dr Mike said...


We would be better off to give each unemployed person the 273 grand & let them spend it--now that would be stimulation.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Do I sense Corky having a problem with the CON's...Is he waking up? Is he actually questioning Flaherty's numbers? Is he looking for accountability? Too bad he was not on top of it back at the Halloween 2006 Massacre. Where were Corky's questions then? Why did he give Flahety a pass on that draconian tax betrayal? Why did Corky not do some quick math on the mythical tax leakage story?


Anonymous said...

According to the 2006 Election Results 14.9 million voters voted. Sending each voter a cheque for $3,400 in recognition of their participation in the democratic process would be a better use of the funds.


Anonymous said...


That would only serve to stimulate democracy in Canada......not an outcome that this government would favour or wish to encourage. The Opposition parties also do an excellent job of not stimulating Democracy in Canada, given their willingness to base public policy on fictional accounts of infinitely provable or disprovable constructs like tax leakage. All goes to prove that old adage: Your government is only as good, as the bribes you give it.

Brent Fullard