Monday, January 26, 2009

Ignatieff equates income trust tax to Harper's version of the National Energy Program

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Ignatieff appeared in Peter Mansbridge’s One on One this weekend. The topic came up about the income trust tax, which Ignatieff said the energy companies in Alberta are still very much reeling from. Igantieff went on to say that the income trust vehicle is/was a CRUCIAL investment vehicle in Canada’s energy sector. He made the comparison to the NEP.

You can view the show here, where the comment appears at the mid point of the interview:

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Anonymous said...

Didn't see the show ... but this seems logical. When researching alternative energy companies to invest in, it surprised me that the majority seem to be Trust Units. I didn't find much else for Alt energy companies besides Trust Units on the TSE. To be fair - I am a very amateur investor, without a business degree. Researching these companies is a little side project.
Since Trust Units are no longer desirable to invest in, thanks to the CONS - Is it possible this whole scam was also a way to make things difficult for alternative energy companies? Is it possible this is a hidden agenda by the CONS to destroy the environment?