Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, at least the Throne Speech proved itself "shovel ready"

Stephen Harper sure knows how to shovel it, don't you think? How disingenuous can one's present words and past actions be?

Honourable Senators,
Members of the House of Commons,
Ladies and gentlemen,

In these uncertain times, when the world is threatened by a struggling economy, it is imperative that we work together, that we stand beside one another and that we strive for greater solidarity.

Today, in our democratic tradition, Canadians expect that their elected representatives will dedicate their efforts to ensure that Canada emerges stronger from this serious economic crisis.

Once again, the people's representatives have gathered to consider the priorities of another parliamentary session.

Each Throne Speech is a milestone on the remarkable 142-year Canadian journey. Your predecessors, too, were summoned to this chamber at times of great crisis: as Canada struggled to claim her independence, in the shadow of war, during the depth of the Great Depression and at moments when great policy division tugged the very bonds of this union.

Today we meet at a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty. The global credit crunch has dragged the world economy into a crisis whose pull we cannot escape. The nations of the world are grappling with challenges that Canada can address but not avoid.


Anonymous said...

Lol… he really stirred me with Divine Providence being our inspiration.


Dr Mike said...

Well , I hate to say it but Happy Jack Layton is right about one thing , there is no restoring parliamentary confidence in Harper.

This is a guy who says one thing in public & does whatever the hell he wants anyway.

Only his agenda counts & the rest be damned.

Dr Mike.