Saturday, January 24, 2009

Experts on CBC’s The National call for reinstatement of income trusts to solve our economic woes

Last night there was a segment on CBC’s The National where the experts who appear on the CBC show, Dragons Den, where asked to provide advice on how the government can best go about stimulating the economy. Jim Treliving founder of Boston Pizza, was the first to make the point that the Government’s killing of the income trust investment vehicle served to destroy and important form of capital investment. The other participants in the show all agreed and concluded that income trusts should be reinstated to revitalize and grow our economy at NO COST whatsoever to the government.

This person said it even better, here


Anonymous said...

Straight word.  Harper and Flaherty!!  Listen up!!  You guys were conned and duped by Sabia, Desmarais, Morgan, and D'Allesandro.  All these guys had an agenda that had nothing to do with putting more tax into the Department of Finance.  They "lobbied" you because they thought that if you killed income trusts, it would enrich them and their circle.  How much more do you people need to know that the income trust tax was a big mistake?  You guys have painted yourselves into such a small corner that your only way out is to cancel this income tax.  Hell, you may even get re-elected if you cancel the "Liberal Income Trust Tax".  Yes, I know as well as you do, that many Canadians are that stupid, but hey it seems to have worked for you guys twice already.  Why not make it a triple play!


Polyian said...

It's never too late to right a wrong. The question is: Does Harper have the right stuff to fix this and keep his word to protect seniors investments in income trusts? So far he has demonstrated that he does not care about his word or seniors.

Dr Mike said...

Harper claimed on Nov 2 2006 that he implemented the trust legislation to protect seniors savings.

I am not sure how the logic went on that one but most seniors invested in these things to boost their savings & develop an income stream.

Somehow the logic went awry--he cut off the income stream & that was supposed to protect savings.

Maybe if I was a "Trained Economist" I might see the logic.

Dr Mike Popovich.