Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Budget plays to unenthusiastic reception in Whitby-Oshawa

CBC just played a news segment on the Budget based on the opinions of the residents of Whitby-Oshawa. All four of the people interviewed were either negative or decidedly unenthusiastic about Flaherty’s budget. No surprise there.

Which still leaves open one question. Why did the residents of Whitby-Oshawa vote for Flaherty in the last election?


Dr Mike said...


The people in that riding drink too much Tim Horton`s coffee.

That stuff is like cocaine--it numbs your mind & makes you do stuff you normally wouldn`t.

Dr Mike.

Bruce Benson said...

Well here we go again, Dion revisited. Iggy sucks up a big one to Harper. There were no new ammendments other than forcing the Cons to report on how well they are spending our money. Is this not the 45th time the Liberals have supported Harper and his band of liars? Iggy should have givin the coalition a chance. Well, here is my new position. I am pissed and there will not be any renewal of my Liberal membership and there will not be any contributions to the Liberal party. Putting Harper on notice, what a waste of good breath.

Dman said...

Somewhat sorry to say. but get real & good riddanace Bruce ... assuming you're not a ReformAtory troll, strategic light-weights & fairweather friends like yourself are a dime a dozen !!!

Anonymous said...

Because Jim and his wife are elitist socialites in Oshawa, Jim even pulled strings to help his wifes "school". He gets elected not because he is capable but because his name is familiar from all the socialite hob-nobbing. Just a latte sipping conservayive.

Anonymous said...

I have stopped donating also.

Anonymous said...

Where to start ....

As a resident of the 'shawa maybe this helps?

We are located between 2 nuclear facilities and it has been effecting our brains.

Those in Oda country to the East of us have been inhaling too much cement dust over the years.

Dr. Mike has obviously visited this area. It is very difficult to find a decent coffee shop. Brent was smart enough to have his election office across the street from one of the few decent local coffee shops in this area - The Cookie Shoppe. And Dr. Mike's suspicion about the TH additive is correct - we know someone who use to work on the machinery for TH coffee. He won't touch the coffee due to what he witnessed when employed there.

Mayor Gray's ultimate plan for the 'Shawa is to sell it off to Asian developers. His words not mine. He picked the wrong person to mouth off in front of.

Too people are by-products of the Tory education system cuts during the 90s. Residents have a lot of trouble with accounting math. Simply refer to the Oshawa's'arena' decision ... Council are always on a spending spree.

We have a suspicious amount of right wing Christian religious organizations occupying prime real estate. And also a very high teen pregnancy rate. Judging by some recent trips to the mall, that number seems to be going down. So maybe there is hope?

In the words of a bank financial advisor at a local TD branch ... "Oshawa City Council are a bunch of bums."
Maybe when we learn to vote on a local level, we can be trusted to vote in our best interests on a national level.

Our local paper is always filled with Con propaganda. Look closer at the company who owns it. The local division is most profitable and blatantly obvious that division is run by Conservatives. Their "GTA" paper appears Liberal.

The CAW 222 publication refuses to use the words "Liberal Party" when referring to something positive the Liberals did for auto when in power.

Does that shed any insight?

Bruce Benson said...


No, I am not a ReformAtory troll and if you consider me a dime a dozen light-weight fair weather friend so be it. I have spent well over two years fighting for the Liberals (I was a CON) and what do I have to show for it? NOTHING! Screwed over by the cons and now helped by the Liberals. Ya I know, life is bitch.

Dr Mike said...

Hang tough Bruce--us old Cons need to stick together.

We will get one more wack at Harper before 2011--let the economy kill him for us--this thing is going to get a lot worse before it gets better--we still have the bond crisis to hit us yet.

Dr Mike.