Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today marks Harper’s 100th day in office

The first 100 days in office is the yardstick by which new Presidents, Prime Ministers and new CEOs are commonly measured. The first 100 days in office affords insights into what trajectory a new administration is headed on. Soaring to new heights of accomplishment or a low altitude flight path. By that measure, Stephen Harper hasn’t even left the ground. Apart from his two self serving and opportunistic moves of proroguing Parliament and appointing 18 new Senators, Harper has achieved absolutely nothing during the 100 days that have now elapsed since October 14th. Both of those acts were regressive in nature and Harper has paid a price in the polls for doing so. Nothing that Harper has done or failed to do over the course of the last 100 days qualifies him as a leader.

The October 14th election was an election of Harper’s convenience, and upon scratching out some form of minority victory, what is his first act of governing during one of the most economically challenging times that our country has faced? He takes a paid vacation at a time when a huge premium is placed on the urgency to act. Stephen Harper is Canada’s first truly delinquent PM.

Contrast Stephen Harper first 100 days in office with Barack Obama’s first 24 hours in office. Harper pales by comparison. In a mere 24 hours in office, Barack Obama, has:

(1) ushered in a new era of open and transparent government by signing executive orders with specific directives on transparency/accountability and tightened restrictions on lobbying
(2) called a halt to the trials in Gitmo, which had the effect of bringing justice to Canadian citizen, Omar Khadr, a person whose rights Stephen Harper has not lifted a finger to protect
(3) engaged himself with his military staff to implement the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and engaged himself in the middle east controversy by calling the leaders of Palestine and Israel
(4) launched a new content rich interactive website,, that invites public involvement in government

Stephen Harper has squandered the last 100 days in an attempt to buy time, at a critical point in time where the premium is placed on those who are swift. Harper has accomplished nothing over the course of his first 100 days in office. Harper is clearly not up to the challenges of the day. He is a divisive force at a time when the country needs to be brought together, with all Canadians working towards a common purpose. Squandering Stephen Harper is not a leader. The last 100 days of Harper’s utter inaction have brought that reality into sharp focus. Harper lacks a sense of direction, a sense of urgency, and a sense of leadership. Time for him to step aside.


Tom said...

I'm confused. I thought Harper was in office for over 1000 days. Of course that doesn't make a good headline.

Anonymous said...


No need to be confused:

"the 100 days that have now elapsed since October 14th."

You know, the October 14th election, that saw Harper reinstalled as PM with a new mandate?

penlan said...

We so need to be rid of Harper & his thugs. I have never disliked anyone so viscerally as I do him.

Obama has acted, real ACTION, in 1 day that, as you said, in which Harper has done NIL in 100 days. Sickening.

Excellent post!

Dr Mike said...

The Nov economic statement was the most telling event of the 100 days of Harper`s self-called new mandate.

It was an utter failure--it predicted surplus as far as the eye could see--it poked loose fingers into the eyes of the public service & the opposition parties--it did nothing to help the economy--it essentially lied to the other MPs & Canadians on the street.

How many ways can we say Turkey & an abject failure of incredulous proportions.

For this alone Harper needs to be gone.

I do understand that he is a "Trained economist" & supposedly up to the job--unfortunately his lack of work experience in his chosen field has left him woefully ill-prepared.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

Harper should be awarded with the SFA.......Sweet #%%# All award

Tom said...

So the heaqding should have been 100th day of second mandate?
Just for clarity.

Anonymous said...

Obama - the first 100 hours
At 4pm today, Barack Obama will have been president for 100 hours. From ordering the closure of Guantánamo Bay to approving missile strikes, we take a look at the first 100 things he did in office

* Oliver Burkeman and Ed Pilkington
* The Guardian, Saturday 24 January 2009
* Article history

1 Said: "So help me God." The phrase is not required by the constitution, so it's arguable that he, Barack Obama, was president by the time he said it, making these his first words in office.

2 Delivered a 17-minute inauguration address, telling the crowds it was time to "pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America".

3 Invoked biggest cheer of the day from the 2 million-plus crowd with the words: "Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many ... But know this, America - they will be met."

4 Then the words: "We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals." George Bush, sitting to his left, looks decidedly uncomfortable.

5 With his wife, Michelle, escorted George and Laura Bush to the waiting helicopter, where the two men hugged before the former president began his journey home to Texas.

6 As the helicopter disappeared into clear skies, Obama now had Washington, and the United States, all to himself. His relief was palpable.

7 Inside the Capitol building, signed his first documents as president, including cabinet nominations.

8 "I'm a lefty. Get used to it," he said, as he signed. Obama is the fourth southpaw, or left-handed, president out of the past five (Dubya is right-handed).

9 Signed a proclamation declaring 20 January 2009 a national day of renewal and reconciliation.

10 Completed the signing session, looking wistfully at the object in his left hand. "I was told not to swipe the pen," he said.

11 Attended a lunch with congressional leaders, where he dined on a menu from Lincoln's day: pheasant, duck and apple cake served on replica Lincoln White House china.

12 Addressed the assembled crowd, minus Ted Kennedy, who was removed on a stretcher with medical difficulties.

13 Entered his limousine, nicknamed The Beast, to begin the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to his new home at number 1600.

14 The armour-plated Beast has tinted windows, but through them Obama could be seen clearly practising his military salute.

15 Walked two stretches of the 1.7-mile route, waving at the crowds lining the street.

etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

isn't obama's 100th day coming up... apr 29/30? i know that have been very active in building this day up... they had people express their problems on their site. there were problems i never thought of so it's pretty cool