Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A budget without targets, is no budget at all

This budget will see Canada with at least $85 billion of increased indebtedness in four years’ time. That much is clear. Meanwhile this budget is completely lacking in setting out any of the objectives that it hopes to accomplish. Measurable objectives. Precisely how many jobs is this budget promising to create? Without stated targets, this budget is simply an exercise in throwing money at a wall, and hoping it sticks. Without stated targets, it is impossible to hold the government to account. Without stated targets, how do Canadians know what they are investing in? $85 billion in increased indebtedness, with no tangible targets concerning employment etc. is nothing more than a very expensive “shot in the dark”.

Obama's stimulus package that's making its way through Congress has stated employment targets, why doesn't ours? Oh yeah. Obama is a leader. Stephen Harper is not.

The Liberals should not support a budget that is lacking in measurable targets. Doing so would be to leave Harper unaccountable for his actions.....and OUR money.


Anonymous said...

Pizza budget...can anyone provide a link to a graph showing budget allocations.
I would especioally like to see the corporate/individual allocation breakdown.

Polyian said...

Typical Harper and Flaherty mismanagement budget. Take these guys down now, not in 6 months, right now.

Anonymous said...

They only always have one target which is to stay in power and to put forward positions and dollars to targeted voters whom they think will return them to power, hoping always to get a majority. They know that if the Liberals do not support this budget, no matter how inadequate it will be, they have enough in it to run an election campaign. They are also pretty confident that the G.G. will grant an election, since the P.M. will argue that he has consulted broadly and still the opposition refuses to accept it, then he must be allowed to go to the "people" i.e. election to settle matters. Just some of my thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a promise to the LPC -
If you sheep support this $85 billion spend crazy budget you'll lose my Laurier Club membership.
When is Paul Martin coming back?

Anonymous said...

Iggy needs to show he is not Dion the second. This budget was crap. All loosey goosey wish wash. Shotgun approach with no real stimulus nor binding.

Never trust Harper again. Canada will sink further in to the morass with Harpers non plan.

The ducks are set up for Iggy to knock them down. We can only hope he has the backbone.


Anonymous said...

It is a F$%^ing joke I'm afraid, Michael, please get rid of these retards.


Bruce Benson said...

Gee, not a word about Trusts in the budget. Wonder if Iggy has the balls to put forward an amendment exempting trusts from the tax. My bet is NOT and we will see more Harper bull in the months and years to come.

Dr Mike said...

Hey Bruce

I could handle a few more months but no more---leave them in power just long enough to let the fiscal sores fester & then lance them with no anesthetic.

I am disappointed that there was no hint of anything for trusts.

Looks like our only hope is to move Iggy to the Pm`s residence & work on him to make the changes.

Dr Mike.

PS---the Cons left themselves wiggle-room to spare since they didn`t supply any hard targets--I guess that was all we could expect from Peg Leg Flaherty.

Bruce Benson said...

Hey Mike

Iggy has got to take them (PC's)out now. I can't take any more of the lies, false hoods etc. Unfortunately, seems the Canadian Sheeples (term thanks Louis Mix) are laping up the bullshit and loving it. Yup, give them a couple of crumbs in a tax break and they are followers forever. When will it take for them (Canadian Sheep)to realize the errors of their ways when it comes to paying back this huge defit (now debt). Pretty pathetic isn't it!