Saturday, January 10, 2009

Handing it to the Liberals on a silver platter

........will the Liberals walk the talk? Seize the opportunity? Advocate for ripped-off Canadians?

Les Parsneau writes:

(1) "We are ready to consider all propositions. We are in an unprecedented period," Mr. Harper said.

What a great opening for Iggy. Brent does he have the detailed information to explain to Flaherty and Harper how repealing the income trust tax will help the economy? He should present it to Harper and the country through some press releases.

(2) "Sometimes when government gets into things, they come up with rules that don't make much sense," he (Flaherty)said..."

How true as they apply to the income trusts. Nothing Flaherty has done though because, it is "they" the government not "we" the government.

(3) "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he will judge the Conservative government's budget on whether it protects those most vulnerable to the recession..."

How about the seniors who have been and are income trust holders whose life savings and investments in income trusts have been and are being decimated by this recession and the insidious income trust tax?

Les Parsneau
Collingwood, Ontario


Dr Mike said...

Ok boys , now is the time to right a terrible wrong which made no sense when it was perpetrated & even makes less sense now in a time of economic decline.

Revisit the trust tax by eliminating the imposed Flaherty "correction" & "field leveler".

There will be no questions asked if the revision is complete--no need to revisit the 18 blacked-out pages of Flaherty proof--no need to ask why the gov`t allowed foreign takeover of true Canadian businesses--no need to question the over 1 billion of annual tax loss--no need to ask why investors were forced to lose countless dollars of their hard-earned savings.

A repeal only makes sense--the economic stimulus would be exponential without any cost to the tax payer.

But maybe that makes too much sense --after all , these are only politicians.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Dr Mike said...

And one more thing , good job Les.

Dr Mike.