Saturday, January 10, 2009

The minimum condition precedent for the Liberals' support of the Budget......"Canadians deserve the truth"

Unless of course the Liberals are in the habit of being ignored and letting past misdeeds by the Harper government go unchecked, the Liberal Party needs, at the very minimum, to impose the will of Parliament as contained in the first recommendation of the Finance Committee dated February 2007(that was completely ignored by Potentate Harper), below:


It is imperative that a democratic government be as transparent as possible when levying a new tax so that it can be held to account by its citizens. The Committee, therefore, recommends that the federal government release the data and methodology it used to estimate the amount of federal tax revenue loss caused by the income trust sector.

As Michael Ignatieff himself has said many times “Canadians deserve the truth”. Hence the absolute imperative of answering the outstanding question above. Failure to do so, will simply mean that democracy in Canada is a joke. Goodness knows the media have been of utterly no use in answering this most fundamental of questions. In fact quite the contrary, as Canada’s media is simply an organ of the very corporate interests who lobbied Harper to shaft Canadians with his corrupt income trust tax. This places a premium on our elected politicians to perform their duties. How precarious of circumstances is that? I am holding Michael Ignatieff to his word.......”Canadians deserve the truth”. The truth about income trusts is long overdue. Now is the time to act. Procrastination by the Liberals on this issue is unacceptable.

Upon learning the truth, Canadians will quickly realize that the income trust tax adversely affects all Canadian taxpayers, since their was no loss of taxes in the first instance, whereas all the takeovers of vulnerable trusts that have ensued, has caused tax leakage of $1.2 billion a year, a number that will only continue to grow if the situation is not rectified immediately. I repeat, $1.2 billion a year in lost taxes from Flaherty’s utter incompetence, which will also become the legacy of the Liberals if they fail to act now.. Furthermore correcting this enormous fiscal blunder would be a win-win-win in terms of protecting Canadians’ savings, incomes and employment. Isn’t that what I heard Scott Brison say on CBC this week, that the Liberals were seeking to achieve in the upcoming budget? Now is the time for the Liberals to act, and demonstrate action that aligns with their flowery and emotive rhetoric of the past two years on the income trust issue.

Liberals: We aren’t looking for your sympathy. Just your leadership in the face of Canada’s tin pot dictator and two bit Prime Minister.......Stevie the Crook. Nothing about this is difficult or daring. 95% of leadership is showing up for work. Please do your job on behalf of the 2.5 million Canadians who were directly adversely affected and on behalf of all tax paying Canadians who are also adversely affected.


Dr Mike said...

What could be a better way to look good in the eyes of the Canadian public---right a wrong brought on by sheer incompetence.

A wrong that harmed every Canadian not just the people who invested directly.

A champion would rise out of investor pain.

All Mr Ignatieff would need would be a white horse & a moving van to get him to 24 Sussex Drive.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals should act now !

The Income Trust Issue is long overdue, this should be included in the coming budget on January 27th. At least the trust tax waived for the next five or ten years pending for further negotiation.

We should ask question during the town hall meetings to demand an answer from the Liberal leadership. Taking from Bush famous " Either with us or against us", they can't assume that our votes and donation is free?