Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Budget should play itself out in Parliament, and not in the press

The Liberals should have learned their lesson, when they pre-announced the formation of the Coalition, thereby giving Harper a chance to strategize and ultimately prorogue. Why play this thing out in the press? This whole thing should play itself out in Parliament. That might result in more people paying attention to Parliament and less attention to the press. It would also bring more power and meaning to Parliament.

Budget fundamentals 'will not change,' says Finance Minister Flaherty

2 hours ago
WHITBY, Ont. — As the federal Liberals consider whether to support the federal budget, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the basics will not be changed.
Speaking today from a Tim Horton's in his riding in Whitby, Ont., Flaherty said his spending plan reflects what Canadians want and need now. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is to announce his decision late this morning on whether or not he supports the spending plan.
A senior party member says the party leader is unlikely to support the budget without requesting some changes.
Asked if there was wiggle room to address Liberal concerns, Flaherty said he would look at whatever the Liberals might propose, but added that the budget "fundamentals will not change."
Following Tuesday's budget speech, Ignatieff said the budget contains some positives, but also includes what he called "negative aspects."
Flaherty will also discuss his budget later today in a speech to the local chamber of commerce in Whitby.

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Anonymous said...

Wow my Dad's famous, politically incorrect quote is so applicable with regards to this b.s. "budget".
This statement usually follows with a long, painful lecture in fiscal responsibility and the importance of holding on to your capital. Once you are in debt - good luck on getting out of it. Consider entering the praying business if you go the debt route. With debt it takes a miracle to get out of it.
For regular people, it is best to use some restraint and learn about fiscal responsibility. The praying business is best left for the pope.

Hmm maybe Harper and Flaherty are in contact with the Catholic church? Regular Canadians better hope so, because we are going to need a financial miracle after this ridiculous, ill conceived spending spree. Future generations will have every right to put us all in third rate nursing homes after this.