Sunday, March 4, 2012

Get ready for a tsunami of BS from the media

Here's the first wave from Harper's henchmen in the media:

Robson, Ottawa Sun: Avoid mob justice on Robocalls. Opposition outrage the real scandal here

Ibbitson, Globe and Mail: The case against a Conservative conspiracy

Solberg, Toronto Sun: Robocalls put serious business on hold

Curry, Globe and Mail: Tory support steady despite robo-call, e-snooping uproars: poll

Grenier, Globe and Mail: If robo-calls were meant to keep voters away, they failed miserably

Greco, CTV News: Harper's ex-chief of staff: Tories ran a clean campaign

1 comment:

Dr Mike said...

"Master master , look at me"

Man , these guys make me sick.

Dr Mike