Sunday, March 25, 2012

My personal take on the mercurial Mulcair:

From personal experience and previous CAITI postings:

Mulcair: The Doubting Thomas:

Trash talk with Thomas Mulcair

Lies Mulcair may have told me

Paging Thomas Mulcair



Dr Mike said...

He is already in the Harper cross-hairs as the first attacks started before he even made his acceptance speech.

Run Tommy run , you are about to find out what it is like to be the target of Republican tactics & big Con money.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...


Muclair is just another sub par politician who doesn't take the time to understand issues like income trusts. He bought into the Harpercon lies right from the get-go.

Some oppositon.


Anonymous said...

Maybe . . . just maybe Harper has met his MATCH???


Brent Fullard said...

No doubt about that Robin! The only doubt concerning Mulcair is what does Mulcair stand for. When I last spoke to him about the income trust matter he argued that it wasn't the NDP who broke their promise to trust investors, but rather the Tories. I countered by saying to Mulcair that he is attempting to frame our issue about who did and who did not break their promise as a way to absolve the NDP from their guilt in the matter. I told him I could care a less about the broken promise aspect of this issue since politicians are notorious promise breakers, and that the real issues was that the premise for breaking the promise (namely the tax leakage argument) was a patent falsehood and something that the NDP promulgated just like the CONs, making them equally corrupt and culpable. I also told Mulcair that the NDP were complete hypocrits when they call for transparency in government and then hide behind blacked out documents that if transparent would reveal the NDP/CON tax leakage argument to be false. I also said the NDP were total hypocrites when they say they stand for the interests of seniors and Canadians' pension concerns. Mulcair is as deceitful and conniving as the next politician. He may be good in the short term, but watch your back in the intermediate to long term!