Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thumbs down on Flaherty's penny-wise pound-foolish budget:


Penny to disappear from coinage system, minting to end by fall


MPs' gold-plated pensions untouched by budget, no change before next election

Governor General's salary to be taxed, but it won't cost him a dime


Dr Mike said...

Good God , the GG payed no income tax?????

I didn`t see that one coming.....

Another dull stick to the eye yon peasants as the Cons gave their favourite lapdog a raise to reduce the sting of actually paying his fair share.

Dr Mike Popovich

Ps---why are those two clowns smiling in the attached pic??---did somebody trip a senior citizen or run over a mother duck with an oil truck??

Anonymous said...

Penny = shiny thing = "Look HERE!" See: 'Pandas'

Whatever happened to Err Harpler's "promise" to reduce Fed tax on gasoline if price went over $1.20/liter?
Oh yeah, ~Lie, Conceal, Fabricate~

MP Pensions? "Nothing to see here, move along, move along..."

Fargging iceholes.