Friday, March 16, 2012

Stephen Harper is the Tonya Harding of Canadian politics

Unable to successfully compete on her own merit, Tonya Harding decided to knee cap (literally) her opponent (Nancy Kerrigan) in the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, as her means to victory.

This is exactly what Stephen Harper did to assure himself of his coveted majority in the 2011 Canadian federal election, except his attack was on the voters and not his opponents, per se, making him an even greater scoundrel that the infamous Tonya Harding

Any doubt about whether representatives of the Harper Knee Capping of Voters Squad were involved in the fraudulent impersonation of Elections Canada officials for the sole purpose of depriving targeted Canadians from voting can be dispelled by listening to this tape recording of the fraud in action:

Any doubt about whether those who opposed the Stephen Harper regime were targeted for Knee Capping by the Harper electoral goon squad need only read this article by the CBC's Terry Milewski.

This is ESPN's account of the Tonya Harding scandal. Tell me how this differs from Stephen Harper's, except hopefully the punishment part:

"There are many kinds of scandals, but when you are hiring people to attack someone, that is just over the edge. That is beyond cheating or lying. That is conspiracy, and I still think Harding should've been punished more."

I think from now on Stephen Harper is better known as Tonya Harper, our knee capping Prime Minister.


Dr Mike said...

The problem is that Harper sees himself as a messiah rather than a pariah.

Perhaps he needs to re-check the dictionary.

Dr Mike

Bruce Benson said...

Harper's steel toed boots to the groin are causing much pain to many Canadians but obviously he hasn't hit enough of his hard core yet. Pity those misguided individuals don't know yet that Harper is not here for them. Just wonder what it will take for them to see the light, hope Harper's robo boots find their groins soon.

platty said...

You mean the completely unbiased Terry Milewski? Of course Terry, much like yourself, completely ignore any evidence, or actions, implicating the Liberals. You know, like an affidavit signed by a Liberal supporter who was hundreds of kms away from her home at the time she recalls the call taking place? Or perhaps the fact that Conservative supporters also received these calls, something that always seems to escape Terry. And never reporting that the number of actual complaints to EC is 700, not the robopetition number of 31,000 as the media loves to report. Or the fact that the only proven illegal activity with regards to all of this has been carried out by the Liberals? I know this is all the Liberals have to offer right now, but, when you show up at a gun fight with a knife, the least you can do is pull the knife.

crf said...

"The Liberals did it too. And what they did was illegal, and what we did wasn't!"
And CBC is Biased."

Good God Platy, you are a great writer. Just like Borges. Or maybe a dog writing a poem with his ass across your parquet floor.

Anonymous said...

Third World Rogue Politics right here
in Maple land Canada.