Monday, March 5, 2012

Note to Monte Solberg

In response to Solberg's article: Robocalls put serious business on hold:

Nice try Monte Solberg at attempting to diminish the importance of getting to the bottom of this obscene robocall scandal, For Monte Solberg's edification: No issue is more important than getting to the bottom of this scandal. Repeat: No issue

BTW: Are you the same Monte Solberg who lied to Canadian voters in the 2006 election when you (as CON finance critic) said you "would never tax income trusts", and when in office did that very thing using the fabricated argument that income trusts cause tax leakage?

Thought so. You have zero credibility on this or any other issue.


Dr Mike said...

Two points...

Monte is a former Conservative cabinet minister which makes his comments biased to the hilt.

Second , this article is in the Sun , another Conservative organ which sways any credence into the political dumper.

Not to mention the fact that it is every Canadians right to vote un-impeded.

We have a baloney salesman , in a baloney rag, trying to uphold an attack on democracy---no more comment should be required.

Dr Mike Popovich

Dman said...

AS I SAID on Fbook earlier this morning :

I've read all three of these HarperCon apologists. While I'm certain Monty Solberg writes with his head up his ass all the time, I'm not so sure about the other two.

If a SKILLED INVESTIGATOR takes an HONEST look at the TRACK RECORD (including all HarperCon transgressions perpetrated upon Elections Canada) MOTIVES and OPPORTUNITES; that same SKILLED INVESTIGATOR would firstly want to confirm the Totally Flocking OBVIOUS ... DUHHH !!!

Dennis Hollingsworth