Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Harper vilified the hoodie, just like Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera.

Vigilante Stephen Harper also vilified the hoodie and boys like Trayvon Martin, just like Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera, and at taxpayers expense no less.

This sort of negative social typecasting, in which the wearing of hoodies becomes associated with crime (by narrow minded people like Harper) plays perfectly into Stephen Harper's brand of politics, which is the politics of division. The only purpose of which is to highlight divisions in society and to exploit those divisions for crass political advantage. Just like Harper vilified the wearing of burkas, so too he vilified the wearing of hoodies in a series of "10 percenters" that he and his party blasted across the country at taxpayers' expense (see image above) , and which cost taxpayers over $30 million for the purpose of creating social unrest and furthering the divisive political career of Stephen Harper.

Promoting divisions and promoting stereotypes is not the sign of political leadership, rather it is the sign of political opportunism and sociopathy. Harper, the sociopath, wants to make the wearing of hoodies or the wearing of burkhaa a crime and wants to associate any one who does so as not fitting with his self prescribed image of what is "acceptable" Canadian attire and culture.

It is these very acts of stereotyping by people, like Stephen Harper, that is behind the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin in the US. I hope Stephen Harper is as proud of himself for jumping on that stereotyping bandwagon as I am ashamed to have him represent Canadians as Prime Sinister.

BTW: Here's the taxpayers money that was wasted in promulgating this type of hate and fear mongering on the part of Stephen Harper:

Total Ten-Percenter Spending, by Party, 2009-2010:

Conservative $6,373,407.71
Liberal $1,464,811.47
NDP $1,284, 209.52
Bloc Quebcois $628,928,64


Anonymous said...

snip snip: At the same time, he said the estimated annual cost of at least $12.1-million for the Ten Percenters has gotten out of hand and he understands the argument for cutting back in a time of austerity.


The Ten Percenters cost $12.1-million last year, according to the House of Commons Speaker's Office, including $5.2-million for the out-of-riding Ten Percenters.

According to the House, from 2006 to 2007, the total number of Ten Percenters actually went up from 50 million to 86 million and 114.5 million at the end of last year to 201 million this year.

Dr Mike said...


I wear a hoodie...

Dr Mike Popovich