Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mayrand on the CONs "absolutely outrageous" robocalls

Remarks of the Chief Electoral Officer video courtesy of CPAC

"Canadians are proud of their electoral system. And they should be. However, recent events and media reports have shaken their confidence. As I indicated at the outset, the trust of electors in the integrity of the electoral process is an essential aspect of a healthy democracy.

Elections Canada performs a key function in this regard. When irregularities or improper conduct are brought to our attention, we have a responsibility to take action. We must look into them diligently, and we do. If the regime is inadequate and needs to be improved, it is my role to make those changes or to recommend legislative amendments.

We all have a role in preserving trust in our electoral process. This includes not only Elections Canada but the electors themselves, the candidates and political parties, and also the media. The quality of our democracy depends on the vigilance and conduct of all players involved.

Mr. Chair, we would be pleased to answer any questions.

Thank you."

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Dr Mike said...

I have only three questions Mr Mayrand

--if there are individuals found to be responsible for these illegal calls , will there be prosecutions & jail time??

--if any one party is found to be implicated in these calls will the party be prosecuted & it`s leader jailed??

--if the outcomes in any ridings have been put into question, will there be new elections held to produce a legitimate winner??

Here`s hoping the answer is yes to all three.

Dr Mike Popovich