Thursday, March 8, 2012

Joe Oliver: Chief name caller of the CON Party of Kanada

Joe Oliver seems to think he can slough off the legitimate democratic concerns of the very Canadians he was (ostensibly) elected to represent. In that regard his nascent political career has gotten off to a miserable start.

First Joe Oliver calls anyone who opposes the Northern Gateway Pipeline as "radical groups", for the simple fact that their concerns do not align with his political dogma of "drill baby drill" (made famous by his alter ego Sarah Palin) and now he dismisses the reports of gross violation of Election Canada procedures that took place in his riding as the complaints of "sore losers".

What kind of "representative democracy" does Joe Oliver believe in, if not "it's my way or the highway"

In reality people like Joe Oliver are the simple product of Harper's Theory of Natural Selection and the Survival of the Weakest, in which those with no back bone, like Joe Oliver are more than happy to advance their own otherwise lacklustre careers by doing WHATEVER the boss man demands of them, regardless of the ethical or moral consequences or duty that is owed to Canadians at large:

Oliver dismisses 'unsavoury' election fraud allegations
Liberal Joe Volpe called 'sore loser' for raising concerns about campaign

CBC News
Posted: Mar 8, 2012 10:02 AM ET

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver is calling allegations that Elections Canada rules were violated in his riding during the last election "unsavoury," and says he will co-operate with any investigation into the matter.

"We conducted a completely clean campaign in Eglinton-Lawrence. I was very pleased that we won by over 4,000 votes," Oliver told reporters at an event in St. John's on Thursday. "I have no idea what this is about."

Oliver said he first learned about the allegations Wednesday, when CBC News reported on evidence that unregistered voters got on the voters' list in Oliver's Toronto riding without providing an address, in violation of Elections Canada rules.

To date, Oliver says Elections Canada has not contacted him or his campaign officials about any alleged irregularities.

"There was a fair election conducted and I think this attempt to try to cast aspersions on it is rather unsavoury," Oliver said.
Former Liberal MP Joe Volpe's complaints about harassing calls to his supporters during the last election were dismissed by Elections Canada. Now his campaign is calling for an investigation of questionable voter registration cards.Former Liberal MP Joe Volpe's complaints about harassing calls to his supporters during the last election were dismissed by Elections Canada. Now his campaign is calling for an investigation of questionable voter registration cards. (Canadian Press)

Oliver's opponent, Joe Volpe, was one of the Liberal veterans to lose his seat in last year’s election.

Volpe was also the first to claim there were misleading Conservative calls to his supporters, allegedly trying to drive down his vote count. Elections Canada dismissed the Volpe campaign's complaint in February.
'Sore loser'

Asked earlier this week about allegations of dirty tricks in the riding during the election, Oliver called Volpe a “sore loser” and said there was no vote suppression by his side.

“Our objective was to increase voter turnout, and in that we succeeded admirably,” Oliver said.

But documents obtained by CBC News show a late influx of unregistered voters in the riding who got on the voters' list without giving any address. The law requires unregistered voters to provide both a present and former address when filling out a late registration form at a polling station.

A stack of late registration forms shows many provided no address, which is required by the elections law. Others have bogus addresses — a UPS store in one case, a Scotiabank branch in another.

Volpe declined to talk about the voter registration forms, but Liberal campaign lawyer Tony Pascale said he wants Elections Canada to investigate.

“There were an inordinately high number of voters registering who were not on the voters' list, in order to cast ballots,” Pascale said in an interview Wednesday.

Oliver said the increase in voter turnout in his riding was the result of hard work and not dirty tricks. “We increased the voter turnout by 5,000 votes,” Oliver said Wednesday.

CBC News has learned there were at least 2,700 late registrations in Eglinton-Lawrence, but Elections Canada declined a request to produce them, so it is unclear how many had phoney addresses, or none at all. Elections Canada said Thursday that the documents are under seal and available only to a judge.

"Elections Canada is responsible for voter registration, not political parties," Minister of State for Democratic Reform Tim Uppal told the House of Commons when the NDP raised the matter during Thursday's question period.

"Given the history of the person making the allegations, Elections Canada may want to take a very close look into this matter," Uppal said.

During the election, Volpe fired one of his campaign workers for removing Green Party pamphlets from mailboxes.


Dr Mike said...

I am tired of all of this shite.

All of this crap needs to be banned---from Election Canada impersonators to deceptive calls that defame a candidate---fine + jail time

All attack ads must be banned---tv , radio , print ,whatever

Make a candidate stand on his party`s platform & his/her personal reputation only

If none of this works , ban political parties (the real source of the problem) altogether.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Not only robo-calls were used. Harper campaigned over a radio station in Calgary, ON ELECTION DAY. The election is not valid. Harper should be forced to resign.

Don't forget what Harper's favorite henchman, Gordon Campbell did. He twice lied to be re-elected. BC is now a total ruined mess, because of both Harper and Campbell. Campbell thieved and sold, all of BC's assets and resources. BC is pretty much owned by China, because of Harper and Campbell.

Campbell was given a criminal charge of a DUI. He sniveled and begged forgiveness from the BC people. He turned right around and, kicked those very people, right in their faces.

Harper is no Conservative. He is a Reformer of his true party, the Northern Foundation Party from 1989. The said, the skinheads assisted Harper to organize his very shady party.

It is a bad, bad mistake, to allow Harper to stay on as P.M. Canada has steadily regressed, since Harper's so called majority.

Beware of Harper and Obama's, border talk. Read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations, Sept 25/2007. Harper made his evil agenda, abundantly clear.