Saturday, March 10, 2012

Roboscandal: A case of Harper betting the farm to attain his coveted majority

Context is everything.

Think back to the 2010 election. Harper was under the gun to achieve a majority in the 2010 election, since he had failed on at least three occasions in the past to do so. As such his longevity as leader of his CON party would have been at stake in the afternmath 2010 election, if he failed to achieve a majority outcome.

The party would have turned to someone more moderate, like Jim Prentiss, to lead the party, if Harper failed to deliver a majority in 2010.

As such, Harper was so hell bent on his coveted "majority", that he dove head first into the deep end of the political cesspool to achieve it in the 2010 election, with a philosophy of "anything goes".

The end product: The Roboscandal, involving criminal impersonation of Elections Canada officials on the part of Harper supporters for the sole purpose of suppressing those targeted voters who opposed Harper's hell bent desire for a majority government.

We have identified the weapon. We know the motive. Now it's time for an arrest, followed by a public inquiry!


Dr Mike said...

Dozens of ridings , near 40,000 complaints , denials of wrongdoing at every turn , victims everywhere & then the coveted majority.


I think not.

The only way to know for sure??

A full no holds barred public inquiry.

Will we get one??

Not if Harper can help it.

As a free democratic country , we want to know the truth.

Mr Harper , please stand aside.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

hey newsflash robocalls were done by Liberal canadate,latest bullshit scandal is over.Time for a new faux scandal,zzzz zzzzz

Anonymous said...

really? the liberal candidate called people and told them the wrong address? The information everyone else has is that the liberal said to be pro choice and did not direct voters to the incorrect polling station. Please read the news instead of making it up.

Brent Fullard said...

Nice try Anonymous @ 9:31

Perhaps you might like to take this quiz:

Which robocall constitutes fraudulent misrepresentation?