Monday, March 12, 2012

Signed the Robogate petition calling for public inquiry

Signed petition here

With this comment:

Harper has engaged in many frauds and criminal behaviour:

(1) Income trust fraud arising from Harper's lie that income trusts cause tax leakage as his policy rationale, except it was false, hence a fraud that saw Canadians lose an essential retirement income investment choice and $35 billion of their hard earned retirement savings.

(2) Attempted bribery and foreknowledge of attempted bribery of sitting MP Chuck Cadman offering him a $1 million life insurance policy in exchange for throwing his vote

(3) Has/had a convicted felon (Bruce Carson) as his right hand man and consultant

(4) Found in contempt of Parliament by not producing Parliamentarians with the costs associated with legislation demanded by Parliamentarians on a bill that was before the House and to be voted on

(5) Yet to be proven election fraud involving persons impersonating Elections Canada officials with the criminal intent of voter suppression.

Any one these past criminal activities and/or associations is enough for Harper to be thrown out of office. The latest criminal scandal of alleged voter suppression by the Harper Conservatives goes the very integrity of our democratic system and needs to be fully exposed and those involved punished, as only a Public Inquiry can accomplish.


Anonymous said...

Was the petition a "form letter" like the 31,000 letters Election Canada received?

Brent Fullard said...

Obviously this is Harper's latest (pathetic) line of defense, although Anonymous has taken it one step further by dismissing ALL 31,000 complaints on the basis that they were lodged on the internet, which just happens to be the way that millions of Canadians pay their taxes to Ottawa) and the Globe and Mail is dutifully running with this latest piece of CON logic, to which I posted this comment on the Globe:

The gist of this article is merely another attempt by the Globe and Mail to obfuscate the crime that took place against the Canadian electoral process. Better if the Globe were to produce the "source documents" and let their readers decide. In the absence of the Globe doing that, go here to listen to the tape recording of persons fraudulently misrepresenting Elections Canada officials for the purpose of misdirecting voters to a fictitious polling station.

Who needs the Globe when you have the internet?

Dr Mike said...


I hate anyone that doesn`t have the cojones to use their real name.

Anyone that posts anonymously has to be dismissed with prejudice.

Dr Mike Popovich

Brent Fullard said...

I left one of Harper's frauds off my list, which would read:

(6) In and out election fraud costing Canadian taxpayers over $250,000 from bogus election expenditures claimed by the Harper Cons