Saturday, March 10, 2012

More of the Globe's ongoing campaign to suppress Harper's voter suppression scandal

I don't expect better from the Globe and Mail, but I do expect better from Steve Chase.

This article is just another in a series of articles in the Globe whose sole purpose is to obfuscate the real issue. Good grief you idiots at the Globe, the scandal is not about robo-calls per se, it's about robo-calls that contained messages from people falsely and therefore fraudulently representing themselves as Elections Canada officials for the sole purpose of misdirecting certain targeted voters to bogus polling stations for the sole purpose of suppressing targeted segments of the voting public. Harper was so hell bent on his coveted "majority", that he dove head first into the deep end of the political cesspool to achieve it. Now the Globe are throwing him a life preserver at every facile opportunity that comes their way.

The Globe are either a complete bunch of idiots or a corrupt group of propagandists rivaling only the goon known as Stephen Harper.

One word: pathetic


Anonymous said...

What a poorly written Gag & Mail article! Even the extreme right wing propaganda is usually a better read than this garbage. It's almost like this piece has been edited to suit the "yahoo" format.

Strongly agree this robo call nonsense is about the suppression of democracy. Voter suppression occurs on a regular basis in 3rd world countries. Canada is suppose to be an example of a functional democracy - I guess not.

Here is a though - why not make robo calling for anything illegal? It is an annoyance all Canadians can do without!

Dr Mike said...

Wow , a light-weight article , talk about grasping at straws.

Voter suppression is very serious & needs to be prosecuted with jail time. If a party is found to be involved , it must be disbanded & it`s leader jailed.

Dirty trick calls are another problem & must be made illegal as well.

Spreading malicious & untrue rumours to dampen the vote or shift it altogether , needs to be stopped.

Elizabeth May presented a plan , a good one at that , to clean-up this mess the "Green Cleaning Solutions".

We need to take heed.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS---if the Conservatives are not careful , they will be getting a call from Comrade Putin asking for advice on how to run his next campaign.