Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Harper's textbook tactics of obfuscation

The Harper Conservative’s blatantly obvious campaign of obfuscation is interesting to observe in real time as it unfolds. This deliberate campaign of obfuscation, embraced by so many in the press who are its foot soldiers, is designed to immunize the Conservatives from their robocall scandal and includes the following textbook tactics of Obfuscation 101:

-argue that this is politics as usual (which itself is another insidious tactic aimed to alienate the voters and turn them off from politics at large and achieve voter suppression, except amongst the die hard)

- attempt to portray oneself (the accused) as the victim

- claim that the alleged crime resulted in no real change in votes, so how could there have been an offense? (which is the mindless equivalent of saying a theft is only a crime if the thief is successful, and that attempted theft is not punishable)

- blame the victims, since some one would have to be really gullible to fall for such a voter suppression tactic, and therefore they and not the perpetrator are to blame

- say that the Liberals in Guelph did the same thing, by lumping all robocalls into one homogeneous category, and attempt to make robocalls the issue, rather than the obvious criminal intent and fraudulent content of some robocalls versus others that are issue based and totally innocuous and completely acceptable (as the link to the actual tapes provided below demonstrates:

Listen here

-(BTW: name one news organization that has these two tapes side by side for their viewers to listen to and form their own opinion).

- argue that the 31,000 complaints of voting irregularities are manufactured and therefore are a smear campaign and not credible or worthy of investigation

- take the opposite tact by arguing that everything is in the capable hands of Elections Canada and that there are far more pressing issues that need to be dealt with (blah blah blah)

-facile attempts by persons like Margaret Wente arguing that this type of blatant voter fraud should be sloughed off, and that worrying about this kind of thing is unCanadian, which was in the title of her fluff piece (and she would know, given she spent her formative years growing up in the States, the country where she was born), and as if I need some paid news hack to tell me what my Canadian values should be?

As each of these tactics proves unworthy to the formidable task at hand of obscuring the magnitude of the voter crime that was committed and Canadians' desire for integrity in their electoral system, we will no doubt witness other futile attempts by the Harper Conservatives to obfuscate and obscure the true nature of what occurred here. So too the extent of Stephen Joseph Harper's involvement in what will be the second coming of his assault against Canadian democracy called Harper v Canada, Part 2.


Dr Mike said...

To add insult to injury check out Con hatchet-man Ezra Levant`s editorial piece this am in our local London Free Press (owned by Sun news) in which he states that

"The robot scandal is fake.
The real scandal here is the media pack's propaganda."

It can be found here : http://www.lfpress.com/comment/2012/03/13/19494916.html

The Harper gov`t is skating fast & loose hoping for at least one of three things to happen , a world crisis such as an attack on Iran or Syria , budget day or the summer recess , any one of which will give them breathing room & the time for the public to forget.

Canadians need to remember not just for themselves but for the sake of democracies everywhere.

I can remember a time when our country was held up as an example to the rest of the world.

Now , not so much.


Dr Mike Popovich

Dman said...

Good coverage of Harper Apologist initiatives to lessen magnitude of Boss Harpers ELECTION TAMPERING.

Except for Wente & Coren, I am seeing a less than enthusiastic intent from the usual suspects; and Harper’s caucus continue to look Glum & Morose.

They do need a BIG distracting channel change … remember Tricky Dick ordered the SAC into the air as a FAILED Distraction.

While Harpy seems to be running out of awesome distraction scenarios, I do not doubt he & his Wrecking Crew Pals are straining their collective brains, as we breath.