Monday, March 5, 2012

Globe and Mail on forefront of suppressing voter suppression story

This is what you get when the country's national news organ is owned by some reclusive billionaire, i.e David Thomson. I guess that billionaire baby doesn't want to look dumb for endorsing a crook (Harper) in the last two elections, so he get's his paid scribes to write crap like this. Can't wait to hear what nonsense that Margaret Wente comes up with. (March 6th update: true to form and as predicted, here's Margaret Wente's pathetic attempt to provide Harper with cover: Robo-calls? Get a grip. We’re Canadian)

Ibbitson, Globe and Mail: The case against a Conservative conspiracy

Curry, Globe and Mail: Tory support steady despite robo-call, e-snooping uproars: poll

Grenier, Globe and Mail: If robo-calls were meant to keep voters away, they failed miserably

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Dr Mike said...

There is one sure fire way of cleaning up politics , outside of banning parties that is , that is to ban attack ads & any other type of voter suppression & make them a criminal offence.

Tv , radio , & print ads should be limited to party platforms so that we can clearly see what we are voting for.

It has turned into a popularity contest where improperly laid hints of wrongdoing send voters to the sidelines.

Just ask my buddy Glen Pearson about that one ( the by-election in 2006 when Elizabeth May ran against Glen was one of the cleanest & most ethical votes I can ever remember---as the voters who participated told me , it was a pleasure to vote) , he was tossed out because of calls to his constituents from an "unknown" source telling everyone that he spent over one half of each of his years in office in Africa---that was baloney but it worked---who did he lose to but little known Conservative Susan Truppe.

Connect the dots.

Things have to change---copying the American system is not for us.

Dr Mike Popovich