Friday, March 30, 2012

Would Flaherty have saved the lowly penny if it was a sitting MP?

Any explanation yet as to why Flaherty is "bold" enough to mess with Canadians' parsimonious pensions but did NOTHING to curb the MP pension abuse? I guess if the lowly Canadian penny was a sitting MP or a Senator, it would have been saved too?

Talk about blatant self the extreme.


Dr Mike said...

Flaherty`s message to lowly Canadians :

"Suck it up peasants , quit your whining , we know what is good for you , empty your wallets & shut the frack up (especially you people in Ontario)."

Dr Mike Popovich

PS---Nice job Jim to finally tax the income of the Governor General.

Sure was a nice gesture to give him the juicy raise to more than offset the tax.

Bruce Benson said...

Hey these CON’s are pretty damn smart. The reason there is no change in their gold plated Pensions is that after the next election they could possibly be toast. Therefore these jerks will leave political office with fully funded juicy pensions. Hmmm, laughing all the way to the bank. Great job if one can get it.

Brent Fullard said...

Liberal Press Release of today:

For Immediate Release
March 30, 2012

Liberals Call on Harper to End Hypocrisy on Old Age Security

OTTAWA—The Prime Minister is ensuring his own special bonus while asking Canadians to delay their retirement, said Liberal Leader Bob Rae today.

“This Conservative government is asking all Canadians under the age of 54 to take two ‘Harper Years’ and sacrifice up to $13,000 to pay for this government’s skewed agenda – yet the Prime Minister is protecting his bonus,” said Mr. Rae. “Liberals plan to table a sub-amendment to the Budget to highlight this harpocrisy.”

Under a little known section of the Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act (Part III – 48(1)), Stephen Harper will earn a special “allowance”, over and above his MP pension, worth over $100,000 annually starting at age 65.

“If Stephen Harper wants to make Canadians wait another two years to access the benefits they rely on, then he should lead by example,” said Mr. Rae.


Anonymous said...

Spoke to an elderly lady, she asked me an excellent question !

Why did Jim cut 2% off the GST which would of brought in billions per year to the Government treasury to pay of debt and pay for programs.
Instead my grandson will probably be layed off from the government.
And yes she used Mr Flaherty first name...JIM !!

Great question from this smart lady, and while Jim chews on that question and he can chew on this question !
Why did he tax Income trusts ?