Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hypocrite Mulcair endorsed Harper's use of blacked out documents

When I last spoke to Thomas Mulcair about the income trust matter he argued that it wasn't the NDP who broke their promise to trust investors, but rather the Harper Conservatives.

I countered by saying that without the NDP's support for Harper's income trust tax it would never have become law and 2 million Canadians would never have lost $35 billion of their retirement savings, the 75% of Canadians without employer pensions would not have lost an essential retirement investment choice and all Canadian taxpayers would not be losing $1.5 billion in lost tax revenue from the foreign takeovers of trusts that ensued from this policy (eg $5 billion takeover of Prime West Energy Trust by Middle Eastern state owned Abu Dhabi Energy).

I then pointed out to Mulcair that he is attempting to frame our issue about who did and who did not break their promise as his means to absolve the NDP from their guilt and direct association in the matter, namely the policy and not the campaign promise per se. I told Mulcair that I could care a less about the broken promise aspect of this issue since politicians are notorious/serial promise breakers, and that the real issue was the policy itself and that the premise for breaking the promise (namely the tax leakage argument) was a patent falsehood and something that the NDP promulgated just like the CONs, making them equally corrupt and culpable in the outcome and the process of lie, conceal fabricate.

I also told Mulcair that the NDP were complete hypocrites when they call for transparency in government and then hide behind blacked out documents that if transparent would reveal the NDP/CON tax leakage argument to be false. I also said the NDP were total hypocrites when they say they stand for the interests of seniors and Canadians' pension concerns. Mulcair is as deceitful and conniving as the next politician and is not deserving of the trust of any democracy loving, transparency demanding Canadian voter/taxpayer.


Dr Mike said...

When you look at the facts , the only party leader that has never lied to us is Elizabeth May.

Hmmmmm----I wonder who I should vote for next election.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Of course the NDP are hypocrites! No news there. There is a reason Ed Broadbent did not support him.
Thankfully Mulcair is not union friendly at all, and therefore eliminates a chunk of the NDP support base. As for the rest of NDP'ers - hopefully they figure out sooner than later Mulcair is no different than a CON when it comes to fiscal policy. I expect the NDP will continue to support everything CON just to spite the Liberals as they usually do.
I agree GO Elizabeth May GO! We might not agree with everything but at least she is honest.

Anonymous said...

Hmm just remembered VALE is no longer Vale Inco. Inco was dropped as a message to the workers after settling that strike as a reminder they are to bow to their foreign masters.
If the community of Sudbury are aware Inco could have remained Canadian instead of Brazillian if the Income Trust legislation hadn't changed and it is made clear Mulcair supported the CONs and sold off their resource cheap - I doubt they will consider supporting the NDP.
The Liberals and Greens should have been having a field day with that strike and that info ... Chalk it up to lack of leadership at the time for the Liberals!

Bruce Benson said...

When Mulcair first showed up on the scene I thought he may have a few brains and a few scruples. I was soon disappointed on all counts. Hypocrite doesn't even come close to describing this politician.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Muclair, since you are a Leader now !!!!
Great leadership is to admit your mistakes, consult, gather the facts, and proceed to correct the mistakes.

tick tick tick its your time Mr Muclair!


Anonymous said...

"A hooded sweatshirt can make an innocent teen look like a criminal -- just like a suit and glasses can make Geraldo Rivera look like a journalist." -- Stephen Colbert